Tsohost's Network Infrastructure

The Tsohost cloud network is the foundation of our web hosting service, providing connectivity between your visitors and Tsohost hosted services. A reliable and well designed network is imperitive in keeping your website and email online and performing well. As such these mission critical systems are managed entirely in house by our expert team. Unlike many hosting companies we do not outsource network management or rent any of our infrastructure.

Tsohost maintains 2 diverse, multihomed, BGP networks spanning multiple UK data centres. Utilising numerous Tier 1 transit providers and equipment vendors (Cisco & Juniper) we strive to provide the utmost in reliability and performance. To highlight how robust our infrastructure is we've created a thorough walk-through below, detailing key aspects of our network.

Accessible Anywhere

Your customers connect to us through our multihomed network spanning multiple datacentres. We call our systems True Cloud Hosting because of the lack of reliance on any single location. Plus, we are always adding more servers and locations, always increasing the size of the Cloud.

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Multihomed, Multilocation Network

To provide the utmost reliability, we do not rely on a direct upstream provider for our internet connectivity. Instead we "Multi Home" with fibre optic gigabit connections to multiple providers into our own routers. This means that your websites and services will continue to be available even if one or more of our internet connections is disrupted.

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Security, Firewalls and DDos Protection

Physical security is of the utmost importance. We have 24x7x365 on site manned security with regular patrols of all secure areas. The building is surrounded by perimeter fencing and razor wire. Access to the datacentre compound is restricted only to authorised personel. Biometic scanning is used for access to the datafloor and other secure areas. Racks are individually locked and caged off.

Network security is provided by Juniper and Cisco industry standard firewalls. Tried and tested in live environments, our expert team can configure these devices to your exact requirements on any dedicated or VPS system.

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Cisco and Juniper Routing

Our routing platform is multi-vendor consisting of Juniper and Cisco hardware. Each device is capable of routing multiple gigabits per second of internet traffic to our tier 1 IP transit providers.

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Multiple Juniper and Cisco Switches

All services are connected directly to our internet backbone at 1000mbit/second, utilising our Juniper and Cisco multi-vendor switching platform.

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Load Balancing

Our Cloud hosting platform is load balanced using custom designed multi-gigabit capable load balancers. These direct traffic to the application servers at near line speed adding minimal latency. They are capable of surviving DDoS attacks whilst maintaining service.

For dedicated and VPS customers we can provide managed bespoke load balancing to distribute application load. Contact us for details and pricing.

Linux Webservers

Our Linux web servers, provided by Dell, consist of Dual Hex (6) Core Xeon processors with HT and 48GB of RAM. Capable of handling hundreds of requests per second each, they sit behind our enterprise load balancers to provide a flawless service. Should one fail, it is automatically removed from the cluster and the rest of the servers continue to serve your sites. Each Linux webserver has a custom hardened kernel and various o/s level protections to keep your data safe.

Windows Webservers

Our Windows web servers are of the same specification as the Linux machines. Like our Linux machines, they mount your data from network storage so that no one web server is individually responsible for serving your website.

Database Servers

Our database servers also use our standard 2x 6 Core, 48GB RAM platform. However, unlike the frontend application servers, the database servers use local SAS and SSD storage in order to provide the best possible disk latency and consequently optimal database performance at all times. Our gigabit backend network makes your database available to your application at all times.

Email Servers

Email is provided from a physical separate cluster of servers for performance and security. We utilise multiple SAS storage arrays providing many terabytes of capacity and a cluster of frontend spam filtering servers to keep your mailboxes free of junk.

Service Servers

Services such as FTP and SSH are provided from separate, secure physical servers that mount your website from our network file storage.

Backend Storage

Clustered, network available storage is the strongest feature of our clustered Cloud hosting. Rather than storing data directly on a web server which is prone to failure, we use vast arrays of 36 terabytes each to hold your files. The data is made accessible over our backend network to the frontend application servers which sit behind our load balancers and serve your site.

At all times, your data is replicated across 2 separate storage nodes. Should one fail, the web servers remount your data from another storage node. To keep performance high, we deploy hybrid storage pools consisting of conventional disks, solid state storage and RAM. Files that are more frequently accessed are 'promoted' to faster storage. Those held in RAM can be accessed in a matter of nanoseconds. Files are additionally cached on the frontend web servers.

Another fantastic capability of our advanced network file storage is the ability to perform 'snapshot' backups. Unlike conventional hosting systems, we are able to take backups multiple times per day with absolutely no performance degradation. These backups are instantly browsable via our online control panel and files can be downloaded or restored at will with no need to contact support.

Offline Storage

For disaster recovery purposes, we take a more traditional off site backup using rsync to a separate datacentre.

Dual Power Supply

Electrical supply is of course critical to the provision of internet services. The carrier neutral datacentre facility we use provide us with a 100% power uptime guarantee. This is made possible through UPS and generator backups. Should there be a power outage, the battery backups will immediately take over the load and will continue to power the facility for upto 30 minutes. During this time the backup generators are started. These can continue to power the facility almost indefinitely due to 24 hour refuelling contracts until mains power is restored.