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15 Christmas gifts for web designers and developers

15 Christmas gifts for web designers and developers

Posted 26th November, 2020 by Sarah

Whether you’re looking for a gift for a web designer or you’re a web designer yourself looking for ideas to send Santa, you should find something on this list that has you reaching for the wrapping paper.

Crop it like it’s hot t shirt
Crop It Like Its Hot T

This punny tee is available in sizes S to 3XL and suitable for men and women. Long-sleeved and baseball shirt versions with three quarter sleeves are also available.

Keyboard necklace

This is one for web designers who live and breathe their job. This necklace features a QWERTY computer keyboard as a pendant.

Personalised Lego figure

Before many web designers built their first website, they built Lego models. The company Brick Yourself will design and build a personalised Lego figure for you. You just need to tell them a little bit about the appearance, clothing style and hobbies of the person you want turned into Lego.

JavaScript coffee mug
Code Mug

It’s a well known fact that web designers turn coffee into websites, so every one needs the right mug. This one, available through Etsy, is decorated with JavaScript instructions for using the mug.

Harry Potter self stirring mug
Cauldron Mug

Ever had a client that wants a site designed so quickly you barely have time to stir your coffee? No problem, this cauldron-shaped mug stirs your drinks for you.

Millennium Falcon desk lamp
Star Wars Lamp

Pep up any office desk with a desk lamp designed to look like Han Solo’s ship. The lamp head is a 1:180 scale replica of the Millennium Falcon.

PlayStation alarm clock
Ps4 Clock

When time is money, you need to ensure your method for getting up in the morning is failsafe. This alarm clock is shaped like a PlayStation controller, adding a little bit of fun to mornings.

World’s smallest vacuum cleaner

Which web designer can honestly say they’ve never eaten at their desk? The office desk often fills in for the breakfast, lunch and even dinner table. At the very least there are biscuit breaks. The World’s Smallest Vacuum Cleaner is designed to suck up crumbs from keyboards and comes with two attachments. What’s more, it’s powered by USB, so no batteries are required.

Laser keyboard projector
Laser Keyboard

This nifty little gadget lets you project a keyboard onto any flat surface and type, so you don’t have to struggle writing emails or other documents using the little keyboard on devices like your phone. It works with Windows, IOS and Android and connects via USB and Bluetooth.

Mobile phone jail
Phone Jail

Web designers spend entire working days staring at a screen. Give yourself or a loved one some respite with a mobile phone jail that lets you lock up up to five mobile phones at a time.

Floppy disk drinks coasters
Floppy Disk Coasters

These coffee cup coasters pay homage to the history of web development and design. They also add a little bit of retro design to a working space.

Personalised charger sticker
Charger Name Tags

Whether you’re working from home, in a communal workspace, or in an office with other team members, it can be easy to lose track of whose charger is whose. These personalised charger stickers ensure you never have to ask the question ‘whose charger is this’ again.

Sloan the sloth back massager
Back Massager

If you’ve been slumped over a desk all day you’re bound to get sore shoulder blades once in a while. This back massager comes shaped like a cute cuddly sloth and it’s cheaper than your typical spa massage.

I Make The Web A Better Place hooded blanket

This hooded blanket bears the slogan I Make the Web a Better Place. It’s unisex and features a cosy fluffy interior. It’s also available with other superhero logos on such as Batman and Superman.

Bumped up hosting

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