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25+ New Domains Now Available

Posted 10th March, 2014 by Aliysa

If you are not already aware, hundreds of new exciting domains are launching over the course of 2014 and 2015. It’s an exciting time for the web - the biggest change to the modern web space for years. This change has been hailed as a never-seen-before opportunity for businesses and hobbyists alike to reinforce their brands and find a unique new home for their sites.

The increase in domain choice doesn't come without it’s risks. A key concern milling amongst many online is the risk of someone else registering your domain with a new TLD, potentially confusing customers. I do not want to overstate this risk; there is certainly no need to go and register hundreds of domains. However, it is definitely worth browsing through what domains are coming and seeing if there is anything of value to you coming up, or any domains that could cause you problems if they were registered by a third party.

Incase you missed it, here’s a summary of the new domains which have launched, and are readily available for you to register through our domain checker tool.

  • .bike - £29.95
  • .photography - £19.95
  • .clothing - £29.95
  • .construction - £29.95
  • .contractors - £29.95
  • .directory - £19.95
  • .equipment - £19.95
  • .estate - £29.95
  • .gallery - £19.95
  • .graphics - £19.95
  • .guru - £29.95
  • .holdings - £39.95
  • .kitchen - £29.95
  • .land - £29.95
  • .lighting - £19.95
  • .plumbing - £29.95
  • .singles - £29.95
  • .technology - £19.95
  • .today - £19.95
  • .ventures - £39.95
  • .voyage - £39.95
  • .tips - £19.95
  • .diamonds - £39.95
  • .enterprise - £29.95
  • .careers - £39.95
  • .photos - £19.95
  • .recipes -£39.95
  • .shoes - £29.95

Remember - all of these domains are now available on a first come, first served basis; you can check the availability of your ideal domain with our domain checker tool.

Further to the above list of newly launched domains, each week sees more domains enter general availability. You can keep up to date with launch dates, and also pre-register your interest for a new domain, completely free of charge, via our new GTLDs page.

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