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4 Of The Best Notification Plugins

4 Of The Best Notification Plugins

Posted 17th February, 2017 by Aliysa

Notifications are an effective way to notify and drive visitors to content you want to shout about whether that’s new releases, special offers or your latest post.

There’s no shortage of notification plugins available on the WordPress market place, so to save you time we’ve gone ahead and done the research for you. Here’s our top 4 notification plugins for WordPress sites;

WPFront Notification Bar


Display a notification bar with a number of options. WPFront notifications can be fixed in position at the top or bottom of a screen, activated on scroll or set to appear after a certain period of time. Add a clear call to action with a button to increase click through rate.

Easy Heads Up Bar


Easy Heads Up Bar is another fantastic free plugin with advanced customistaion options. Schedule your notification to automatically go live and expire, set a colour scheme, create multiple bars to display randomly and more.

Simple Cookie Notification Bar


The no fuss Simple Cookie Notification Bar let’s you display a notification bar at the bottom of your page with customisable colours, link and text - meaning it’s use is not limited to letting your visitors know about cookie usage.

WordPress PopUp - Popover Maker


For a bold promotional notification look no further than the WordPress PopUp - Popover Maker plugin. Simple to install and with flexible customisation features you can display a notification in a pop up with your own colours, an accompanying image and 8 different animations. Best of all you can choose when and who sees your pop up with 20+ conditions and behaviours.

Recommend another notification plugin? Let us know in the comment section below

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