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4 signs it's time to rev-up your web hosting

4 signs it's time to rev-up your web hosting

Posted 29th December, 2020 by Sarah

Is your web hosting package up to the job of putting your online business into high gear? You want and deserve a website that can propel your business safely and securely down the highway to success. What you really don’t want is to find that your out-of-date hosting package is leaving your website chugging along in the slow-lane.

This is where tsoHost’s cloud web hosting solutions come in. Built on leading-edge technology, our cloud web hosting packages give you everything you need to rev-up your online ambitions and safely overtake your competition. With tsoHost, you can count on high speeds, flexibility and state-of-the-art security.

So, here are the features of your website to check, to make sure that your web hosting package has enough power under the bonnet.


Load time is a real issue for websites. Neil Patel shared research showing that customers get bored when pages take too long to load. 47 per cent of consumers expect a web page to load in two seconds or less. An additional one second delay in page response can result in a seven per cent reduction in conversions.

The more popular your website becomes and the more customers you attract to it, the greater the burden will be on the servers hosting your website. It’s a good problem to have, but a terrible waste if those new customers get put-off by slow loading times and leave.

We’ve written before about how you can increase your PageSpeed Insights score through a series of simple techniques which can reduce the lag on your products appearing in front of your customers. But, having a lightspeed cloud hosting platform at your back will reduce the need for these steps, and increase their effectiveness if you do take them.


You need to have confidence that your website will be online whenever your customers want it. You don’t want to get the reputation that your online shop shuts, or that there are high-traffic times that are best avoided. If your hosting company is bumping along with out-of-date technology or software, that will impact on the reliability of the websites they’re hosting.

At tsoHost, we promise 99.9% uptime. That 0.1% is the time we might need for maintenance work or updating software, to ensure that you constantly get the best, most reliable service. That’s how we help to future-proof your business. We’re also vigilant 100% of the time, constantly checking for threats and monitoring our performance, to ensure our servers stay secure and online.


Security is, arguably, the single most important issue facing an online business. As we’ve discussed before, no business is immune to cyber security threats. If your web hosting provider isn’t constantly vigilant, cyber criminals can find their way into your system and do untold damage to your business and your reputation.

At tsoHost we protect your website with advanced firewalls and a data centre with multiple levels of security. We also back that up with security packages from our business partner, Sucuri - who ensure we can offer 30-minute response time in the event of a security breach.

Our defences include:

● Unlimited malware scans, detection, and removal.

● Google blocklist monitoring & removal.

● Malware and attack prevention with WAF.

● CDN performance accelerator.

● 24/7 website monitoring.

● Full website back-up prior to remediation (by a security expert).

We’ve even put together a a helpful tutorial video to help you install Sucuri successfully.


Size matters.

Most websites start out relatively small but, if you are running an online shop, you will be posting lots of product images, possibly videos and creating more pages. As your business grows and the traffic flows, your website will evolve and expand, so you need to be sure that your web hosting provider will give your site the room you need for your business to scale up.

Don’t you deserve to move to bigger online premises?

At tsoHost, all of our hosting packages are sizeable. Our basic package brings you a roomy 100GB of storage and, for just an extra few pounds a month, you can step up to unlimited storage.

Our migration service is free and there will be no appreciable downtime or interruption to your business.

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