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6 YouTube channels every designer should subscribe to

6 YouTube channels every designer should subscribe to

Posted 30th November, 2020 by Sarah

Whether you're a designer or a creative who works with designers, there are YouTube channels for you.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a new recruit embarking on a design career, there is always something new to learn and YouTube is a vast reservoir of talented people sharing their enthusiasm and their skills for anyone who has the interest to press play.

Below is our rundown of YouTube channels which we feel are worthy of clicking the ‘Subscribe’ button for. They cover a range of design disciplines, but they have one thing in common - an endless passion for design and a desire to share that with you.

Number 6: blondiebytes: 52k Subscribers

Kathryn Hodge creates videos under the name blondiebyte. Primarily a web-developer, her tutorials cover a range of subjects and abilities - from entry level stuff, such as her ten-part series on How to Create a Personal Website, to the more advanced (but no more intimidating) JavaScript in 7 Minutes.

Her no-nonsense tutorials break complicated subjects down into easily understood bitesize chunks. Her bright, enthusiastic style makes potentially dull subjects clear and achievable, even for a beginner.

This is a perfect introduction to coding for content writers or designers who never venture round the back end of web design.

You can find blondiebytes here.

Number 5: Google Design: 180k Subscribers

As the name suggests, this is a glimpse behind the scenes of Google. There isn’t a single host for these videos but, rather, a team of people concentrating on their specialism, such as their series on Understanding Material Design.

The producers of these videos have access to Google conference speakers, for example, that wouldn’t necessarily be available to an individual vlogger talking to a webcam in their bedroom.

You can find Google Design here.

Number 4: Teela Cunningham: 293K subscribers

Teela Cunningham practices her creativity both on-screen and off. She shows you a wide range of activities, such as how to create a variety of watercolour effects on paper, then how to employ similar watercolour effects on screen using Procreate.

Her weekly tutorial series is called ‘Every Tuesday’ and there are hundreds of videos now, covering design tips and tricks for Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Procreate and hand lettering.

You can find Teela Cunningham here.

Number 3: Envato Tuts+: 322K subscribers

Envato is a library of design assets, images, audio and Photoshop tools so, of course, the endgame of this channel is to inspire you to purchase their resources.

But, whether you do that or not, their free how-to videos can be insightful and invaluable. For example, their series on Instagram photos is a gift for a social media marketer or influencer who isn’t a skilled designer.

There are tutorials - or playlists of tutorials - on everything from Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator through to PowerPoint. And, they offer a series of no fewer than 237 videos on Web Design. There’s got to be something useful in there.

You can find Envato Tuts+ here.

Number 2: PHLEARN: 1.92M subscribers

Founded by Aaron Nace back in 2011, Phlearn is a business which sells creative tutorial courses. Many of which are represented, at least in part, on their YouTube channel, which offers hundreds of different approaches to photo manipulation.

They like to think they offer “the easiest way to learn Photoshop” and, to this end, their YouTube channel offers more than 720 free Photoshop tutorials, covering everything from general subjects like How to Remove Anything from a Photo with Photoshop, to something as specific (but fun) as Creating the Shadow Monster from Stranger Things.

This is a great way to become familiar with Photoshop and the amazing things you can achieve by applying it to your photos, whether you’re a beginner or an expert looking to develop an understanding of the newer tools and techniques.

You can find Phlearn here.

Number 1: Adam Savage’s Tested: 5.21M subscribers

Adam Savage used to co-present ‘Mythbusters’, the TV show where they tried to recreate, for real, many of the effects you see in movies. This, typically, resulted in them blowing things up. Before that, however, Savage worked at the special effects company, Industrial Light and Magic, building model spaceships and the like.

Since leaving ‘Mythbusters’, Savage has returned to his roots and his ‘Tested’ YouTube channel features him visiting special effects companies like WETA Workshop, putting together commercially available model kits and scratch-building props and costumes in his ‘One Day Builds’ series (many of which, he freely confesses, take longer than one day).

Model building involves a lot of design skills such as planning, problem solving and project management as well as an engineer’s understanding of the physical properties of the materials and the tools used. Savage has considerable skills in all of this, plus his boyish enthusiasm is irresistible.

If you want to get your geek on, you can find Adam Savage’s Tested here.

Which channels do you subscribe to?

That’s just a short rundown of a few YouTube channels which offer everything from creative inspiration to specific instruction.

There are, of course, many, many more design-focused YouTubers out there. If you think there’s an absolutely essential channel we’ve missed, why not visit us on Facebook or twitter and tell us.

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