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8 of the cleverest, wittiest and most bizarre Black Friday marketing efforts

8 of the cleverest, wittiest and most bizarre Black Friday marketing efforts

Posted 26th November, 2019 by Sarah

6 minute read

Colour us happy – it’s Black Friday week. And from now until midnight on December 3 tsoHost is offering customers the opportunity to claim 60 per cent off selected annual web hosting packages.

Since you’ll have some extra time on your hands after taking advantage of these gargantuan savings and no longer needing to shop around for your new web hosting package, we thought we’d give you a little reading material to keep you entertained.

So, here’s a roundup of eight of the cleverest, wittiest and most bizarre Black Friday marketing campaigns from recent years.


This year, TUI built up momentum for its Black Friday deals by getting customers involved early. Two weeks before Black Friday, the holiday company released an email asking customers to vote for the destinations they wanted to see included in TUI’s Black Friday campaigns.

The holiday company also created a graphic in its email that shortened the words ‘black’ and ‘Friday’ into BLK and FRI to look like airport destination codes. Clever.

Tui Edited

In 2017 Amazon went about raising awareness of its Black Friday deals from a different angle. Instead of bombarding customers with the hard sell for its offers, it created a livestream called Mew-Tube, which showcased three kittens playing with toys, napping and eating.

Mark Steel, digital director at Argos told The Drum marketing news site: "We know that Black Friday can feel a little overwhelming for some people as they search for the best deals, so we took this opportunity to offer a calming solution in the midst of what is, for many, a shopping frenzy.

"The calming impact that animals have on people is well documented, so our kitten stream is designed to offer the ultimate take-a-break moment - a 'paws' for breath."

New York Public Library

In 2018, New York Public Library jumped on the Black Friday marketing band waggon even though it wasn’t offering any deals or sales.

It created a poster that said ‘All books are free at your local public library’, with cheeky little sub texts that read ‘Plus free returns’ and ‘For an unlimited time only’.

It even supplied customers with a voucher that read ‘100 per cent off millions of books’ and featured the link


Many brands give customers FOMO on Black Friday, putting pressure on them to buy by telling them how items are selling fast or in limited supply.

In 2017, American clothing brand Chubbies relayed this message to customers in a humorous, less forceful, way. It posted a photograph on social media that showed two men sat at a pub table in clothes that were way way too small for them.

The picture caption read ‘don’t let your size sell out’.

Burger King

Burger King’s marketing department are famous for their attention-grabbing seasonal marketing stunts.

In 2018, the fast food chain did something really different with its Black Friday marketing. It created a new website called Whopper Shopper where the only content was banner adverts for other brands. 1,000 brands were featured in total from trainer companies to headphone makers.

Visitors to the site simply had to click on the links to three of these other brands’ websites and Burger King sent them Whopper vouchers in the post, claiming the burgers were bought by the brands through advertising costs!

Burger King

Between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, both the internet and inboxes are deluged with deals and offers. It can be hard for even large companies to make themselves heard above all the digital noise.

So, in 2018, decided to run its campaign a little later. On the day after Cyber Monday it ran its ‘Find a better place for all your new stuff Tuesday’ campaign.

Of course, it didn’t hurt that its campaign video was fronted by acting legend Jeff Goldblum.

Ivory Ella

Another brand that chose to postpone its Black Friday campaigns was Ivory Ella, a clothing company that donates some of its profits to charities like Save the Elephants.

On the Tuesday after Cyber Monday, Ivory Ella ran a Giving Tuesday campaign. It promised to donate the proceeds of any beanies bought on that day to a charity that buys coats for children in need.

On its twitter feed the brand posted an image of a model in the beanie with the caption ‘Cute, fashionable and it helps an amazing cause #GivingTuesday’.

Cards Against Humanity

In 2015, Cards Against Humanity launched a Black Friday stunt that was designed to showcase the twisted humour that inspires their card game.

For the stunt, the company carried a ‘promotion’ on its website that read.

‘This Black Friday Only!

Give Cards Against Humanity $5’

The promo then featured a little opt in tick box that said ‘I understand that I am giving Cards Against Humanity $5 and receiving nothing in return’.

Bizarrely, the stunt earnt the company more than $71,000.

But enough of talking about other companies’ Black Friday deals! If you haven’t seen ours yet, head to the tsoHost homepage to find out more .

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