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9 things to look for in a WordPress hosting plan

9 things to look for in a WordPress hosting plan

Posted 18th August, 2021 by Sarah

There are a lot of WordPress hosting providers out there.

However, the plans they offer are far from the same.

So, we’ve put together this handy guide to what to look for in a plan that goes beyond just easy WordPress installation.

Here are nine elements to demand from a WordPress hosting plan…

1. Unlimited storage

When you first a launch a website, you might not need that much storage.

A simple single webpage with text and a few compressed photos requires around 2MB of storage, on top of the 8 or so GB you’ll need for the software your site is based on.

However, if you:

• Intend on adding more media like videos to your site

• Want to add more plug-ins/ functionality to your site

• Plan on attracting higher and higher traffic levels

• Want to add animation to your site

You’ll definitely need more storage in the future.

So, when you’re choosing your initial plan, it can help to look at the higher tier plans that the company offers, too.

If these plans feature unlimited storage, you’ll know that you’ll be able to grow your site in the way you want to in the future.

2. Automatic updates

WordPress updates usually only take about 10 minutes to carry out.

However – if you forget to implement an update in a timely manner, you leave your site open to security breaches.

Leave updates too long and you run the risk of site failure, too.

So look for plans that include automatic updates and you can cross one laborious yet critical task off your to-do list.

3. Freebies

Don’t just look at the cost of a plan when choosing between providers – look at the value of the freebies included, too. For example, if your WordPress hosting plan includes a free domain name, that’s saving of around £5 to £12 a year for a domain.

tsoHost’s plans also come with a collection of premium themes included for free. There are themes for coffee shops, gallery sites, portfolio sites, restaurants, architecture firms, design studios, online stores, fashion designers and more.

A premium theme can cost between £30 and £120 when bought outside of a package.

4. Security

Security should be a key consideration when choosing a WordPress hosting plan.

It goes without saying that you should look for a plan that includes an SSL certificate – buying one of these outside of a plan can cost between £40 and £140 a year.

Plus, attaching one to your site can help to improve customer trust and loyalty and boost your SEO rankings, too.

The best plans offer more than an SSL in terms of security, though.

For example, tsoHost’s packages include automatic daily security scans as part of the price.

5. Easy migrations

When you sign up to a new WordPress plan, you’ll want your site to be live as soon as possible.

So make sure you look at the migration process when you’re considering plans.

At tsoHost, for example, we have created a special plugin that automatically migrates your website over to your new package.

6. Quality support

You might never need help with your site.

However, if you have any queries, you’ll want to know you’re in good hands.

Look for a hosting company that offers a range of support options – like email, live chat and phone.

Then take a look at the company’s TrustPilot ratings.

tsoHost’s support team are rated as excellent on TrustPilot.

Here are just a few of the comments you’ll find amongst the reviews…

Trust Pilot 1Trust Pilot 2Trust Pilot 3
7. Clear pricing

Be sure to scrutinise the pricing of every plan you find. Some companies offer introductory offers, where you get the first month for a dramatically reduced price, but they hike the price up on month two.

8. Additional functionality

When you’re weighing up the pros and cons of a WordPress hosting plan, ask yourself if the provider offers anything they don’t need to.

At tsoHost, for example, the Deluxe and Ultimate WordPress plans come with a preinstalled SEO optimiser, to help customers find your site more easily on Google.

9. Ecommerce options

Ecommerce websites are very different animals to blogs and simple sites.

So they need to run on a hosting package that’s specifically designed for online stores.

tsoHost’s WordPress Ecommerce hosting plans come with the WooCommerce plugin and £4,000 of premium WooCommerce extensions that allow you to add all sorts of helpful elements to your site.

Interested in WordPress hosting from tsoHost?

At tsoHost, we offer five types of WordPress plans. Some are suitable for blogs, others are ideal for more complex sites. Then there are the bundles that were made with ecommerce sites or with professional web designers and developers in mind. Plans start at just £3.99 a month and they feature all the above elements, and more.

To find out more about them, visit our product pages.

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