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Tsohost Announces State-Of-The-Art Data Centre Build

Posted Tuesday 14th May, 2013 by


We are pleased to announce that we have started construction on our own state-of-the-art Tier 3+ 2N data centre in Slough, Berkshire.

Scheduled to launch in October 2013, our 20,000 sq ft facility has approximately 9,300 square feet of data centre floor - with provisions for 120 high density cabinets each housing 30 high-end servers. In addition to the data hall there's 10,700 sq ft of usable office space to house our growing team.

Strategically located on one of the best connected streets in the country and in close proximity to our existing network based out of Equinix LD5, our data centre benefits from its own dedicated dark fibre ring of approximately 150km linking us to both Equinix LD5 and Telehouse Docklands. This topology provides us with access to hundreds of Tier 1 carriers as well as the London Internet Exchange, creating resiliency and high performance.

Having full ownership of our own data centre has allowed us to custom build every aspect of the facility - to provide the utmost in reliability and performance, without cutting corners. Efficient design and cost effective physical space utilisation has stabilised our cost, meaning we can continue to pass savings onto you, our customers.

Combining the latest technologies, each piece of equipment used will be dual fed, with backup generators and UPSs to provide guaranteed 100% power uptime. Whilst performance is key, we're conscious of our power consumption. Our data centre design utilises many green methods including Cold Aisle Containment, to ensure our power consumption and impact on the environment is kept to a minimum.

The physical security of our data centre is also important, and while we are not allowing any third party access to the facility, our data centre will have 3m high perimeter fencing, electronic access control, 24/7 staff and the latest security equipment and processes.

Keep up to date with the Tsohost data centre build, the technologies we're using and the milestones we've reached by bookmarking our build blog. Be part of the action and follow every milestone from the installation of a Tyco Inergen fire suppression system, to the construction of a dedicated substation, the installation of dark fibre throughout the London sewer system and of course the final power test before going live.

Tsohost Data Centre Build

Tsohost Data Centre Build

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“the installation of dark fibre throughout the London sewer system” - Uh-oh, sounds like your planning some sort of evil scheme. It’s a good job you’re not building an impenetrable, high-tech super lair!

WOW! Nice work people! sounds great, looks great - keep posting the installation, progress is very interesting (and reassuring). Wishing the Tsohost team every continued success.

Keep up the good news and good services…

Impressive looking building. Tsohost onwards and upwards!

Does this mean we’ll finally see cheaper virtual private / dedicated hardware? No offence, but at the moment your pricing is a bit of a joke. What about not limiting the number of domains too? :)

Well done guys, it’s been good sticking with the same host for many many years and seeing the same personal level of service regardless of how big you’re getting.

Fantastic news for a great team.  Been a client for just over 12 months and received outstanding service and uptime.

Well done guys and gals! Looking forward to seeing the finished product. Rock on!

Bit of a typo on the eflyer - opening in October 2012…