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#asktwitter: Advice For New WordPress Users

Posted 25th March, 2014 by Aliysa

We often post WordPress tips, guides and articles on twitter and our blog - you can find all our WordPress blog posts here - so we thought, why don’t we ask our twitter following for their wisdom? After all, we have thousands of customers who use WordPress everyday and have amassed a wealth of experience and knowledge about the CMS!

Our question to the twitterverse:

> What is your no.1 tip / best piece of advice for a new [#WordPress]( user? [#asktwitter]( > > — Tsohost (@tsohost) [March 17, 2014](

Thanks to everyone who got involved with this weeks #asktwitter. We received some really fantastic tips, with the following tweets just a sample of the feedback:

> [@tsohost]( If you're going to fiddle with the design, read about child themes first!! > > — Owen Crawford (@Owen_Triaxis) [March 17, 2014]( > [@tsohost]( Make sure you have a good host that understands Wordpress. :-) > > — Justin Sykes (@mirendesign) [March 17, 2014]( > [@tsohost]( irrespective of what you use to build, know your audience and make sure your content speaks to them. > > — Kelby Garside (@kelbyuk) [March 17, 2014]( > [@tsohost]( If you don't understand web design don't expect it to magic up a website for you. [#WordPress]( > > — Wayne B Clarkson (@WBCDesigns) [March 17, 2014]( > [@tsohost]( don't use 3 million fonts > > — Dan Fast (@danfast) [March 17, 2014]( > [@tsohost]( developer: get a good host, tighten the security, change wp-admin folder. User: don't install dodgy plugins or use "admin" as name! > > — Paul Maloney (@p_maloney) [March 18, 2014]( > [@tsohost]( don't go it alone. There's plenty of online resources, books and [@wordpress]( forums (with helpful people) to answer questions. > > — Mobius (@studiomobius) [March 18, 2014](

What do you think? Add your opinions to the comments below!

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