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5 Tips to Boost Engagement on Your Blog

Posted 09th June, 2015 by Aliysa

Are you struggling to get readers to engage with your content? You're not alone: many bloggers invest time in creating content, only to find that engagement levels are in fact really low or non-existent.

Thankfully, there are many simple tactics you can take to help improve your engagement rate and traffic numbers. To help you out, we've listed 5 simple tips to help you boost audience engagement on your blog.

Review Your Content Strategy

Publishing quality content, which is relevant to your audience, is the most important step in creating a successful blog. Your audience are unlikely to engage with content which isn't up to scratch. If you're struggling to get visitors to comment or share your posts, then it may be time to review the content you're producing.

Covering a variety of topics helps keep your blog fresh, and broadens your appeal to a wider audience. If you feel that your articles are heavily focused around one topic, then try writing about another topic that closely relates to your area of expertise.

Don't just mix up the topics you discuss, put some thought into the structure of your content as well. Too often, bloggers produce a single type of content, be it listed articles or "how to" guides. Yes, both of these approaches can be effective, but if they're the only form of content on your blog then you could benefit from a boost in readership and engagement if you try a different style.

Link Between Your Content

Give your old blog posts leverage and encourage readers to engage with old content by adding a "Posts You Might Also Like" widget to your sidebar. Alternatively, give visitors the opportunity to quickly search through your blog archives by including a search bar.

Give Your Blog a Makeover

You'd be surprised at the difference a new lick of paint can make to your blog. If it's been a while since you last refreshed your design, then a simple makeover may be enough to re-engage your audience.

There's a whole host of free and premium website themes available, which can revitalise a dull looking blog. Some themes are multi-purpose, whilst others have been designed to cater to the strengths of different content. Take Pictorico: it's perfect for photo blogging whereas Ryu on the other hand focuses more on the written content. Consider which design features would best show off your content, and be on the look out for themes which include these features during your search.

Choosing a new theme for your blog is a big decision, so before you settle on a design make sure you've fully tested it out. If you're unsure on a theme, ask your friends to preview it and get their opinions - they may come up with strengths or disadvantages that you hadn't considered yourself.

Make Your Content Easy to Digest

It’s important to be wary that a wall of text can intimidate some readers. If your posts are typically content heavy, add some images, videos, bullet points or subtitles, to break up your text. This simple alteration may just make your content more appealing.

Publish Content Consistently

Maintaining a blog can be time-consuming and finding time to put finger to key is a problem faced by many bloggers. A blog with a handful of posts, all shared within a single week and no post for the next 3 months is unappealing to readers. Producing a realistic content schedule that means you share content regularly is a strong basis for gaining repeat visitors to your blog. Your readers will quickly identify a pattern in your posting, and if they like what they see they'll pop back to read your latest post.

If you have any other tips for boosting engagement on your blog, I'd love to hear them in the comments below.

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