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Charity Showcase: Salt Of The Earth

Posted 02nd April, 2014 by Aliysa

It's with great pride that here at Tsohost we host hundreds of UK registered charities, for free on our Charity Web Hosting package. We have the utmost admiration for these organisations, and the people behind the scenes dedicating their time, money and effort for such worthy causes. To get a better understanding of some of the organisations we host I got in touch with Kate, the Development Manager at Salt of the Earth, who use our free charity hosting.

Me: Hi Kate! To start off, what is your mission at Salt of the Earth?

Kate: Salt of the Earth (SOTE) is a UK charity, founded in 1988, that works to dramatically improve the lives of some of the most disadvantaged communities in Tamil Nadu, India, through our partner organisation ‘Social Change and Development’ (SCAD).

SOTE villagers
Copyright: Wendy Pye
**Me:** Who are SCAD and how do you work with them? **Kate:** Based in India, SCAD is a non-governmental organisation that works in over 500 of the poorest villages in Tamil Nadu. SCAD focuses its efforts on the most disadvantaged sections of the community, including low castes, gypsies and saltpan workers. SCAD’s programmes include those aimed at improving healthcare, education and vocational training, water and sanitation, income generation, women’s empowerment and organic sustainable agriculture. We have been working in partnership with SCAD and supporting its work since 1988\. Our SOTE Trustees make annual trips at personal expense to visit SCAD to discuss programme implementation, monitor progress and ensure that donated funds are well-spent. The relationship between SOTE and SCAD is based on the principles of mutual trust and respect.
SOTE nutrition
Copyright: Wendy Pye
**Me:** Can you tell me about a recent project you were involved in? **Kate:** We are currently working with SCAD on a ground-breaking new project to improve the nutritional health of pregnant women and young children in Tamil Nadu. Representatives from SOTE carried out research in 2013 which revealed that an alarming 40% of children are moderate and severely underweight in the villages where SCAD work. Inadequate nutrition in the first 2 years of a child’s life causes irreversible damage to physical and mental development. Without adequate nutrition children grow up never being able to reach their full potential in school and later in work. The nutrition project, funded by SOTE, addresses these issues by employing a female nutrition volunteer from each village in order to monitor and support access to good nutrition and diet, focussing on the crucial window of the first 1000 days of life. Training, nutritional supplements, kitchen gardens and access to clean water are essential for families to be able to give their children a good start in life.
SOTE agriculture
Copyright: Wendy Pye
**Me:** How do you see Salt of the Earth developing in the future? **Kate:** With our dedicated database of supporters we have continued to grow year on year and now fund over 65% of all of SCAD’s rural development projects. Our vision and mission attracts dedicated volunteers who enable the charity to expand whilst continuing to give every penny donated directly to the projects without any deductions. Nutrition, women’s empowerment and climate change will continue to be key areas of SOTE’s support in the future. **Me:** Has an online presence helped raise awareness of social inequality in Tamil Nadu, India? **Kate:** Our new website, hosted by TSOHOST, has increased the charity’s reach and has generated an awareness of the problems, inequality and injustice that exist in Tamil Nadu and in India as a whole. The SOTE website allows people to engage in the work carried out at SCAD and enables people to safely donate to support the projects, knowing that all the money will be going directly to improve the lives of people living in poverty.
SOTE water
Copyright: Wendy Pye
**Me:** How can others get involved? **Kate:** We exist purely through the involvement, time and money of people in the UK who are inspired to help those less fortunate. Every year we hold a number of very successful fundraising events and encourage others to hold their own events. People can also visit SCAD in January and see the work firsthand. To see how to get involved please visit [our website]( **Me:** Thanks Kate, it's been great to learn about all the valuable work you've been doing at SOTE, and we hope to continue to provide your web hosting for years to come! * * * If you're a UK registered charity, or know a UK registered charity that will benefit from this service, please sign up and spread the word.

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