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Coming Soon To WordPress: Front-end Editing

Posted 03rd March, 2014 by Aliysa

As stripped-back blogging platforms like Ghost have risen to stardom, many people have questioned the future of WordPress. How can it still appeal to those who want to focus on publishing, with such a complex and feature-rich structure?

There are many publishing platforms, sitebuilders and CMSs that make it extremely easy to publish content. Ghost has an immediate preview of how your post looks in HTML, as you write it in markdown. This addresses a weakness of WordPress: you have to maneuver between the backend text editor and the front end preview of your site to see how your post actually looks on page.

WordPress plan to improve the publishing experience through integrating front-end editing (also known as inline editing) functionality into WordPress’ core. WordPress Front-end Editor is currently in development and readily available to install as part of a feature as plugin project. It’s possible that we could see this plugin integrated into WordPress’ core by version 3.9, the next scheduled update, but it’s more likely to be added later on in 2014.

I’ve installed and tried out the plugin, and I’ve got to say, it does work well. It makes writing and publishing off-the-cuff content, and creating posts and pages really quick and easy, straight from the front end. It’s available to install from the plugin repository, but it’s still in development, so be careful and use it at your own peril!

Inline editing is not a completely new idea for WordPress and the plugin in development is not a first implementation in WordPress. There have been a number of plugins floating around for the past few years that offer this functionality. Barley for WordPress is one of those plugins, offering a PHP based CMS, but also a WordPress plugin for front-end editing. By the looks of it, Barley is a very neat tool, and at just $12 a year it could make blogging a lot smoother, at a small price. Here’s their introduction video:

Have you used an inline editor plugin, or the project plugin in development? Do you think front-end editing will enhance your publishing experience? I’d love to hear your feedback.

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