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Continuing To Improve Customer Support With 13 New Recruits

Posted Friday 12th Apr, 2013 by


As one of the UK’s fastest growing web hosting providers, our top priority is to ensure we maintain the highest standard of support, that our clients are accustomed to.

To ensure we continue to offer our renowned customer support, despite being the fastest growing hosting provider in the UK, we’ve hired thirteen new members of staff who will join our experienced customer support team after completing an intensive training course designed by our very own technical directors.

The two week intensive training course officially dubbed the ‘Tsohost University’ has been carefully designed to equip staff with the fundamental understanding of process and hosting technologies, so they can accurately and efficiently resolve technical issues.

Team Training

In this, the first week of training, new recruits have been put through their paces with technical and customer service seminars, problem solving tasks and team building exercises. During the second week of training recruits will take a more hands on approach; drawing from their new skill set (and support from senior members of staff) recruits will respond to common support issues and sales enquiries.

"This programme has been carefully designed to give the new staff all of the fundamental knowledge that they need to fully understand all technical issues a client may face, as well as to offer accurate pre-sales advice when helping a client to choose the right solution. At this level of knowledge staff do not have to use rigid scripts and instead can offer intelligent advice.” Adam Smith - Technical Director

If you're interested in joining the growing Tsohost team, you can see our latest job vacancies here.

Team Training

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After 4+ years with Tsohost we’ve always received great support. When it seemed Adam and the core team were full of work they employed more support staff which is great. Still receiving the same level of support 4 years in. Thanks!

Good to see more service staff being taken on. I’ve always liked how you can get someone on the phone at Tsohost; other providers I’ve been with always seemed to want to get you off the phone and to log a ticket… and I understand as you grow it’s becoming necessary to have that paper trail, it’s good to have a talk with someone on the phone about the issue before hand.

@Simon - We didn’t ask for hosting experience because it’s a unique area of IT in which experience is very rare. Also we didn’t want people who were indoctrinated by the policies of another hosting company who might not have the same customer service ethos as we do. All of the people we have hired are technically skilled and have either an IT or customer service background. They have all made amazing progress and are now handling live tickets under direct supervision from our most senior staff.

We took their “Meet The Team” photos yesterday which will be online shortly.

Good luck to the new recruits - they’ve got a very high bar to meet.

I always recommend Tsohost to anyone who mentions in conversation that they’re looking for a host - partly because of the excellent customer service (I don’t even like using such a tired, corporate, bland phrase) and how anything that goes wrong is quickly sorted out, often with a speed I find quite startling!

Congratulations to TSO on being proactive and I wish the new guys much success but I found the ‘no relevant experience required’ in your job advert a concern.

I hope the quality of technical support won’t suffer because you cannot teach technical expertise in 2 weeks.

After switching to you guys a couple years ago I have to say all support requests have been dealt with in a reasonably fast time and I have never had any complaints. I have had dealings with Darren, Adam and Seb mostly and all 3 have shown great levels of customer service which is rare to find with many other hosts using none UK support lines.

Keep up the good work guys and adding another 13 members to the team shows great growth for your business from a couple years ago when I first joined and I’m glad to say with that growth service levels have remained very high.

I hope the new guys have enough skills to become experts on quick replies like Adam and Darren.

Keep up the good work! The reason TSO got my business was the exceptional level of support - and the 0800 number if I ever need to call ;-) The response time is so swift and thorough when I’ve rarely used it.

Your Customer Service team are always excellent. They try to understand the nature of the problem, despite the challenges of dealing with people who are not always au fait with the technical language. And I don’t think anyone has ever said ‘Have you tried switching it off and then on again?’ :)

I’m sure they will all do well and they are lucky to be part of a great team and one of the best hosts in the UK in my opinion.