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Email Marketing: 4 Ways to Effectively Grow Your List

Email Marketing: 4 Ways to Effectively Grow Your List

Posted 17th November, 2015 by Aliysa

An email list full with quality leads is a valuable tool to any marketer. And, the most effective way to build and grow your list is organically from engaged users who are willing to part with their email address.

In this post I cover 4 effective list-building tactics you can put in practice to help grow your list.

Improve Visibility

An on-site form is a simple and effective way to capture quality leads from users who've already paid an interest in you. However, what's often overlooked is the positioning of this form and the affect it has on the number of sign ups you receive.

Encourage users to share email details

Visitors that have landed on your site have (hopefully) clicked around and grown familiar with your brand. This investment of time naturally make these visitors more likely to go ahead and sign up. Don’t limit the opportunity to sign up to a single page. Take time to identify pages with high traffic and opportunities where a data capture will sit harmoniously alongside content.

If you run a blog, consider placing an ‘ad’ to sign up at the bottom of each post or in the right hand side menu. Think about it, the opportunity to receive more great content directly into their inbox may just be enough to part them with the email. Alternatively, make your form a permanent fixture on your site by incorporating it your top nav or footer.

Incentivise Users

To encourage users to willing offer up their email address you need to offer them something in return. Give your form a clear call to action (CTA) and highlight what users can gain from parting with their details. Depending on what is deemed valuable by your audience this could be in the form of a white paper, a discount code or like InVision it could be the opportunity of winning a free t-shirt.

Encourage users to share email details

Add a 'lightbox'

A lightbox is a popup which appears when a visitor takes a specific action on your site. You have the flexibility to determine when the pop up appears. It may show when a visitors first lands on your site, after a specified session delay or even when they go to leave your site.

The likelihood of capturing an address through a lightbox increases with a few tactics. We suggest that you add a session delay so that it only shows to visitors who have invested a minute or two into browsing your site. A session cookie will stop your lightbox showing to return visitors who have either, already given their email or dismissed your form on their first visit.

Twitter's Lead Generation Cards

Whilst this tactic isn’t free, it does help you reach a much larger and targeted audience. Twitter's Lead generation cards allow you to collect contact details from users, directly from within the users feed without any complications.

Lead generation card example Tiwtter

After creating a compelling call to action and uploading a supporting image, your card will be displayed to users within your specified criteria; with a single click, the user can send their email address, Twitter handle and name to you. This information will then be stored in your Twitter ads account for you to export later as a CSV spreadsheet.

If you've got any great ideas for expanding your email newsletter list with quality leads, I'd love to hear from you in the comments section below.

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