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How to deliver employee recognition when your team is working from home

How to deliver employee recognition when your team is working from home

Posted 27th August, 2020 by Sarah

Whether it’s offering a financial reward or simply giving thanks for a job well done, employee recognition has always been vital for motivating teams and retaining good members of staff.

And according to a recent Psychology Today article, it’s more crucial than ever now that teams are working remotely.

The article cites a study carried out by US company Snappy Gifts, who surveyed 1,000 employees. 64 per cent of respondents stated that recognition and appreciation were even more important than usual while working from home. However, only 26 per cent of people felt their organization had implemented new ways to reward and recognize them.

When asked what sorts of recognition they were looking for, answers ranged from “work-from-home gifts” and “virtual social hours” to “more positive feedback or verbal expressions of appreciation” and “more mental health days”.

So, if you’re one of the 74 per cent of companies who haven’t changed their approach to employee recognition during this pandemic, maybe now’s the time to reassess your approach.

Here are a few suggestions for ways you can let your teams know you appreciate all the hard work they’re putting in from home…

Vid Hug
Record a thank you video montage

If an employee has gone above and beyond on a certain project, there might be a few different managers or team members who want to share their appreciation. With VidHug, you can send out a unique recording link inviting selected colleagues to record and submit video clips.

Once everyone’s done, VidHug turns the collected videos into an impressive montage for you to share with the employee you want to recognize. It’s also a great way of virtually acknowledging and celebrating birthdays and other special occasions.

Give a celebrity shout-out

If your team are getting sick of the sight of your face, why not get an actor or singer to deliver your message of thanks instead?

That’s where Cameo comes in. The website lets you send personalised messages from an eclectic mix of famous faces from both sides of the pond. So have Boy George thank an employee for going the extra mile, or get Vinnie Jones to offer up a motivational pep talk.

Requests are usually completed within seven days, and the employee will be able to view, download and share the video clip.

Hey Taco
Encourage peer-to-peer recognition

A recent Forbes article described peer-to-peer recognition as “an employee engagement secret weapon”, with author Dana Brownlee explaining: “We expect our boss to evaluate us and provide recognition, but when a colleague takes the time to document something specific that we did that made their life easier, we tend to really feel that. We don’t just feel it, we appreciate it, and we feel better about where we work and who we work with.”

A quick and easy way for team mates to say thanks to each other remotely is via Kudobox. You simply pick one of the e-memo cards, type your message, and share the link with the relevant person.

For something a bit more fun, HeyTaco! is a great little plugin for Slack. Colleagues can use the taco emoji to show praise, appreciation, or to just put a smile on someone’s face. There’s even a taco leader board for a bit of friendly competition.

Sign up to an employee recognition scheme

If you’re looking for more of a robust employee recognition solution, consider teaming up with an organization that specialises in delivering integrated employee benefits, feedback and rewards.

Companies such as perkbox can help you build a culture of recognition that aligns with your business’ ethos and values. Employees can take advantage of all sorts of corporate perks too, such as shopping discounts, free weekly coffees and reduced gym memberships. It’s not just your staff that reap the rewards either – statistics show that 75 per cent of employees are more likely to stay with an employer with a good benefits package.

Red Letter
Give the gift of experience

The experience economy has exploded over the past decade, and research increasingly suggests people – especially millennials and Generation Z-ers – place more value on experiences than tangible goods.

A joint study carried out by Expedia and the Center for Generational Kinetics, for instance, indicated that a whopping 74 percent of respondents prioritize experiences over things.

So rather than rewarding employee achievements with a bottle of wine or a shopping voucher, try giving people the opportunity to try something new. Companies like Red Letter Days offer a fantastic range of corporate gift vouchers, which employees can exchange for one-of-a-kind experiences like supercar driving days, hot air balloon rides and Michelin-starred meals.

Vouchers are delivered in letter box-sized gift packages, which can be branded with your company’s logo and colours, giving them a really personalized feel.

Hold virtual happy hours

If happy hour or Friday drinks used to be part of your company’s weekly routine when you were based in the office, try to recreate something similar remotely.

It’s a great way of recognizing your team’s achievements at the end of a busy week. To really show you care, make sure the drinks are on you. Companies such as Letterbox Gifts boast a great selection of drinks packages that you can get delivered straight to your employees. For something a bit different, order a whisky tasting set for everyone and host a virtual tasting session.

Words by: Samantha Shillabeer

Categories: COVID-19, Small Businesses

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