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How to install WordPress with tsoHost Managed WordPress

How to install WordPress with tsoHost Managed WordPress

Posted 16th February, 2021 by Sarah

tsoHost's Managed WordPress is a service that is packed with specially-developed tools to help you setup a website fast.

It’s ideal for getting blogs, websites, landing pages and digital magazines online.

Also, once your site is up and running, we manage your infrastructure, so you won’t be spending excessive amounts of time on the admin. Backups, WordPress updates and security scans are all automatic, so your Managed WordPress website is always up to date.

So, help your website be all it can be, with Managed WordPress from tsoHost.

Video Transcript

So, you want your website to benefit from the tools and features available with Managed WordPress?

We begin on the tsoHost ‘Managed WordPress’ homepage - you can find the link in the description, below.

And our journey starts when you sign into your tsoHost account.

Go to ‘Services’ , scroll down the ‘Categories’ to ‘Managed WordPress’ and select that.

On the Managed WordPress page, you’ll need to purchase ‘WordPress Deluxe’.

You’ll see a list of the features this offers you.

Make the purchase, then go to the ‘My Products & Services’ page.

Find your ‘WordPress Deluxe’ in the list.

When you click ‘Login to Server’, it will probably tell you that you haven’t created a site.

So, click ‘Create Site’, then choose your ‘Deluxe’ Plan.

Now, you need to choose a way to setup your WordPress site.

● You can either view the available Templates and choose a pre-built website.

● Or you can go for ‘Manual Setup’ which allows you to build your site from scratch.

● You can also ‘Migrate an Existing WordPress Site’ - which allows you to move an existing WordPress site to your new tsoHost hosting package.

We’ll look at these in turn and build your website together!

How to setup manually

You start by clicking ‘Manual WordPress Setup’.

Then, enter your email address and create a password for your new WordPress login.

Select your region on the dropdown menu below the map. This will ensure your website operates from the data centre that’s nearest to you - which will help it run more quickly.

Now, wait a moment while we at tsoHost do our thing, creating your site. This can take a few minutes.

And, once it’s ready, click ‘View My Site’.

This will log you securely into your WordPress site where you can see how it looks (pretty basic, yes, because this is a manual setup and you now have a blank canvas to work on).

More importantly - you can access your WordPress Dashboard … And that’s where the magic happens.

So, that’s Manual Setup.

How to setup via a template.

Let’s go back to the beginning. You’ve just clicked ‘Create Site’ and you have your three choices.

This time, let’s ‘View Templates’.

Scroll through the templates to find one that will suit your business and appeal to your customers … Then, simply select that template

Choose the appropriate reasons for building your site.

Then select who youʼre building the site for.

All of this will help ensure your website works most effectively for you.

Finally, create a username for your WordPress site.

Then, as before, select your region from the drop down.

Now, you just have to wait for us to create your site.

Once it’s done, just click ‘View My Site’ to see your pre-built template, ready to be edited and filled-up with your own content.

All of which you can do via the Dashboard.

Okay, that’s how to setup with a template.

Now, if you have an existing site you’re moving to a tsoHost package, you’ll need to migrate your site.

How to migrate your existing site

Back to the beginning. We’ve just clicked the ‘Create Site’ button and, this time, we’re going to select ‘Migrate an existing WordPress site’.

You begin by entering the domain name for the site you want to migrate.

And click ‘Continue’.

Now you enter your ‘WordPress Credentials’ - that’s your username and password for your existing site.

It’ll tell you if you’ve put this information in correctly and that you now can migrate your old site.

When you click ‘Continue’, it will ask you to select your nearest data centre - again, this is to help speed up the response-time on your new website.

Then, ‘Start Migrating’.

Now, whether you’ve used the manual method, a template or a migration to setup your website with Managed WordPress - you’ll end up here.

How to setup a permanent domain and SSL certificate

Your website has been given a temporary domain name, for the time being - so your existing website (if you already have one) doesn’t need to go offline while you setup your new one.

Click ‘Overview’ and you can go to the ‘My Hosting’ page, which lets you select ‘View My Site’. Obviously, ours is just a bare-bones demo.

Now, you’ll want to setup a permanent domain for your new Managed WordPress site.

So, click ‘Setup’. Scroll down to ‘Domains’ and select ‘Add Domain’.

Then, select the domain you wish to use for this site and wait for the changes to be applied. This can take up to 48 hours to change - but normally changes within the hour.

You’ll notice that your SSL certificate is being activated.

You may need to verify your domain in order for your SSL to work.

If you look under ‘Domains’, you’ll see a random series of letters and numbers has been generated at step 2. Copy this.

Navigate back to your Client Area and click on ‘Domains’ - in the middle.

Select the domain you need to verify.

Then, click ‘Custom DNS Records’ in the ‘Manage’ menu on the left.

Scroll down to ‘Add a New Record’.

In the second column - click the arrow to select the drop-down and change the type to TXT.

Now, paste the code you’ve copied into the ‘Content’ field.

Then you click ‘Add New Record’.

Your new domain should now be setup and secured with an SSL.

And, you’re now ready to manage your WordPress website through Managed WordPress, from tsoHost.

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