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Just how good can WordPress websites be?

Just how good can WordPress websites be?

Posted 18th April, 2019 by William

One of the biggest myths surrounding WordPress is that the content management system is better for bloggers as opposed to businesses. In fact, it’s still so much of an issue for website designers and developers that it’s a regular lecture topic at conferences.

For example, on Sunday 19th May, Scott Jones - founder of digital agency Illustrate Digital - will be delivering a talk on the challenge of selling WordPress to businesses at WordCamp Bristol. Of course, as Scott will undoubtedly point out, there’s absolutely no truth in the myth.

In particular, WordPress revealed in March that independent analysis had discovered that its content management system was being used to power a third of the world’s top websites.

On its blog, WordPress wrote: “Our market share has been growing steadily over the last few years, going from 29.9 per cent just one year ago to 33.4 per cent now. We are, of course, quite proud of these numbers!

“The path here has been very exciting. In 2005, we were celebrating 50,000 downloads. Six years later, in January 2011, WordPress was powering 13.1 per cent of websites. And now, early in 2019, we are powering 33.4 per cent of sites.”

Still not convinced? Here’s a roundup of both famous names and lesser-known businesses that are reaping the benefits of using WordPress on their websites.

Network Rail

Network Rail owns and operates the railway infrastructure in England, Wales and Scotland – that’s 20,000 miles of track and 30,000 bridges, viaducts and tunnels. While 4.8 million people rely on the network every day for their journeys, the network itself relies on WordPress for its online offering.

The best bits of Network Rail’s website are its clear and calming layout – essential for those times when problems arise on the railways and irritated customers go online for answers – as well as the ease with which you can navigate your way around the site, thanks to user-friendly drop-down menus and clear links between pages.

The White House

Need a recommendation for WordPress? Look no further than the president of the United States! The official website of the White House in Washington DC relies on WordPress to deliver news updates on everything from crime and justice to the economy and the opioid crisis. The website also features a Twitter feed as well as a live streaming page.

Unicef UK

Open up the Unicef UK website and you’re immediately met with a full-screen video showing the children that Unicef UK helps. Bright yellow ‘donate now’ buttons demand attention next, followed by a live chat panel.

The donation page itself couldn’t be easier to use. It features pre-filled options, so it takes as little as three clicks to sign up to donate £5 to Unicef every month.

The Walt Disney Company

There aren’t many people in the world who haven’t heard of the Disney brand, but how many people know that its company website is built on WordPress?

The brand uses its WP site to reveal its latest news, to offer an insight into the roots of the company, and to attract talent to the business. As you might expect from a company that has made millions of pounds from animations, the site is picture heavy and more than a little easy on the eye.

New Scientist

New Scientist is a magazine that’s dedicated to all the latest advancements and breaking news in the world of science and technology, so you’d expect the IT team behind New Scientist’s website to really know their stuff. That’ll be why they’ve chosen WordPress for their website.

Just like the websites above, New Scientist’s website is easy to navigate, with plenty of white space. Most importantly, for the website of a magazine, the content on the site is easy to read and easy to flip between.

Today, the website has a readership of more than 800,000 people, so the web team is certainly doing something right!


thisisFinland is the official tourism and business website for Finland. It represents the country’s entire population of 5.5 million people and everything they have to offer.

Fortunately, WordPress doesn’t let the country down. The website features everything from live weather information direct from Helsinki to a breaking news feed and webcam footage.

Katy Perry

With 78.6 followers on Instagram and 107 million followers on Twitter, it’s safe to say that Katy Perry could have her pick of content management systems. Her official website utilises WordPress.

The website features links to her latest music, embedded YouTube videos, links to merchandise and countless photographs of her, taken on tour.

Tech Crunch

13 million people visit Tech Crunch’s WordPress website every month to get their fix of everything from start-up business news to reviews of mobile phones. Its layout makes it easy to find articles and its page design ensures content is easy to read once it has been found.

Silly Old Sea Dog

This website is an example of the way a start-up has knocked the ball out of the park with their WordPress site. This retailer of vintage style dresses, made with one-of-a-kind fabrics, has a website that makes buying products a pleasure.

Images of products morph as you hover over them, while each product comes with a ‘you may also like’ section. When it comes to the checkout, it’s fuss-free and easy to use for hassle-free buying.

How to find out if your favourite websites use WordPress

You don’t need to be a coder or developer to work out whether a website uses WordPress. Simply press the control button and U key on your keyboard when you’re on the homepage of a website and a new window will open that features its source code.

If you see phrases such as ‘wp-content’ within the source code, the website uses WordPress. Too much source code to look through? Just do a search using control and the F key.

Need hosting for your WordPress site?

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