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More power, fewer headaches: introducing Business Hosting at tsoHost

More power, fewer headaches: introducing Business Hosting at tsoHost

Posted 22nd September, 2020 by Sarah

If you’re a regular visitor to the tsoHost website, you’ll have noticed that there’s a new member of the product family – Business Hosting has joined the likes of WordPress hosting and cPanel hosting as part of the product brood.

But what exactly is Business Hosting? In this blog, we ‘ll look at what it is, who it’s been designed for and the long list of benefits and inclusions that come with it.

What is Business Hosting?

With Business Hosting you get the sort of dedicated, unshared resources that you get with a virtual private server. However, it’s not as complicated to manage Business Hosting as is it to manage a VPS, because Business Hosting lets you manage your hosting account using the cPanel control panel.

Originally launched in 1996, cPanel makes hosting account management simple. The cPanel dashboard is illustrated with user-friendly icons that make it easy to do everything from adding domains to setting up email forwarding. Some jobs can even be done in a matter of clicks.

Who is Business Hosting for?

Business Hosting was created for anyone who runs resource intensive or high traffic websites. It’s particularly ideal for the following:

  • Web designers

  • Web developers

  • Those who run eCommerce sites

  • Sites that host a lot of videos, photos or downloads

  • Websites that often go viral

  • Anyone who needs more power for their sites but doesn’t have the technical knowledge to manage a virtual private server.
What are the top four benefits of Business Hosting?


Websites hosted on Busines Hosting packages can load up to three times faster than those that rely on standard hosting. These seconds can make all the difference in the real world – page speed is one of the factors that Google uses to rank websites in order to determine where they appear in the search engine results.

Google says: “Slow loading sites frustrate users and negatively impact publishers.”

Research from Google has also found that 53 per cent of visits to websites are likely to be abandoned if pages take longer than three seconds to load, and that one out of two people expect a page to load in less than two seconds.

Dedicated resources

Unlike with standard web hosting, Business Hosting bundles come with dedicated resources. So, you get the likes of CPU and RAM all to yourself. One of the major benefits of this is that Business Hosting packages will never experience sluggishness or downtime due to the actions of other users on a server.

When you consider this in real world terms, it has big implications. According to research by Gartner, the average cost of IT downtime to big businesses is $5,600 per minute.


Business Hosting customers have a lot of freedom over which CMSs, apps, and PHP versions they install. This is especially handy for customers who have custom-built websites that rely on specific versions of languages and other development tools.


As mentioned above, Business Hosting comes with cPanel, which makes server admin simple. Its dashboard allows you to carry out dozens of tasks without needing an in-depth technical knowledge. Tasks include backing up and transferring web files, managing domains, checking disk usage and creating emails.

What’s more, cPanel comes with a bumper crop of learning resources and how to guides, which you can use if you get stuck.

What’s included in a Business Hosting package?

tsoHost offers four levels of Business Hosting bundles – Launch, Enhance, Grow and Expand.

Every package comes with:

  • Unlimited websites

  • A free domain name for a year, from a choice of .be .biz .uk .com .de .eu .info .me .net .org .link .website

  • Unlimited databases and file count

  • Free SSL certificates - unless you choose otherwise, all of your websites on your Business Hosting package will be automatically secured with a valid DV SSL certificate.

  • Unmetered bandwidth

Storage, memory and CPU vary, depending on the package. To find out more about the specifications visit the product pages.

Ready to take up your website performance while minimising the hassle of hosting? Head to our Business Hosting pages for more information and to check out the FAQs.

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