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New at tsoHost: Fully-Managed Virtual Private Servers

New at tsoHost: Fully-Managed Virtual Private Servers

Posted 04th February, 2022 by Sarah

We’re happy to announce that we’ve just launched a new product at tsoHost – a new range of Fully-Managed Virtual Private Servers .

There are six plans to choose from, featuring up to 16 vCPUs, 32GB RAM and 800GB of NVMe SSD storage.

Continue reading this blog to find out all about them.

Why have we launched these Fully-Managed Virtual Private Servers?

These hosting plans have been created to save you both time and effort.

tsoHost’s team of technical experts will set-up, monitor and manage your virtual private server so you can get on with running your business.

There’s a long list of tasks that our experienced team will take on for you, from email client set up to firewall configurations.

Find out more below.

Who are these Fully-Managed VPSs ideal for?

These plans were designed for anyone who needs the power and customisability of a VPS, but doesn’t want the hassle of the admin that comes with one.

Whether you’re a web developer, web designer, agency owner or in-house IT professional – these plans take a long list of time-consuming chores off your hands.

There are dozens and dozens of tasks that our team can carry out for you.

The top 9 benefits of our Fully-Managed VPSs

1. Full server management

As mentioned above, these plans come with server set-up and management included. So, you don’t need to take care of these tasks yourself or pay extra for a Sys Admin to do them for you.

2. Customisability

These six Fully-Managed VPS plans can be customised in multiple ways...

*Choose between standard RAM or high RAM

*Pick between Linux or Windows**

*Choose your control panel – you get Plesk with Windows but can select cPanel or Plesk on Linux.

3.Expert task support

Our technical experts are on hand to carry out hundreds of tasks for you. They can assist with…

*Setup tasks



*Updates and upgrades

*Security tasks

*Custom service requests and more

4. Free migrations

Our experts will carefully and efficiently move your content to your new hosting plan.

5.Free control panel

The cost of these plans includes a control panel. Choose from Plesk or cPanel on Linux or take advantage of Plesk on Windows.

6. Automatic backups

To ensure your precious data and content is protected, these plans come with automatic backups included.

7. Speedy scalability

We know that it’s important to be able to scale up as quickly as possible when your projects or portfolio of clients grows. That’s why we offer one-click upgrades, so you can gain access to additional resources fast.

8. 99.9% uptime

Our team works around the clock to monitor our servers and to investigate and mitigate any issues that might impact their performance.

Our dedication to reliability and dependability is written down in our Service Level Agreement, which promises 99.9% uptime.

9. SSH access

Harness full root administrator SSH access to configure your server exactly the way you and your clients need it.

Ready to find out more?

Visit our product pages to discover the full list of inclusions and benefits and to find out the prices.

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