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New gTLDs Launch Update: January 2015

Posted 21st January, 2015 by Aliysa

Last year saw the start of a revolution in the world of domain names, with an incredible 420 new domain extensions (gTLDs) going live, offering a massive expansion of consumer choice of domains. With these new gTLDs website owners have the chance to differentiate and define their site within the domain, from the type of content - .MEDIA, .DEALS - to the industry - .FLORIST, .ACCOUNTANTS and even the location - .LONDON, .BERLIN. gTLDs also allow webmasters to bag a unique, memorable name which wouldn't be available as a .COM or .CO.UK domain.

After all last year's excitement, you'd be forgiven for thinking the pace would slow for 2015, but with several hundred new gTLDs still to be launched, we expect to see exactly the same again! Here's our pick of the best domains confirmed to launch in the next few weeks:

  • .HOW (28th January): .HOW is one to watch and perfect for any "how to" or knowledge based website owners, wanting to stand out from the crowd.
  • .CRICKET (17th February): .CRICKET is a catch for any club, organisation or fan of the world's greatest sport.
  • .CYMRU & .WALES (1st March): following on from the success of .SCOT last year, these two new gTLDs are perfect for any Welsh-interest organisation.

Those remaining domains which have yet to have a launch date confirmed are still being contested, in some cases between several different groups. .APP for example received a whopping 13 applications from various potential registry operators, including bids from Amazon and Google. The search giant are also in contention to run .BLOG, which is currently being contested between 9 different applicants.

Before a contested TLD can launch, all applicant companies need to either withdraw or win a bid against all of the remaining applicants - this can be a lengthy process and only once that bidding process has been completed are registrars (such as Tsohost) given information about the registry policies and prices. As soon as these details are announced, we'll add them to our pre-registration page.

If you'd like to know more about the launch process for gTLDs then please get in touch with our team at

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