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Our "Must Have" WordPress Plugins of 2014

Posted 11th December, 2014 by Aliysa

WordPress is overloaded with plugins: at last count there were a mind blowing 33,000+ available to download, covering almost every topic you can think of. Spotting the helpful plugins amongst the idle is often a tricky task, but over the last year we've recommended several which will help you to get the most from your blog. In case you've missed them, here’s a roundup of the plugins which we labelled as 'must have' in 2014:


Yes, spam is a plague, but it shouldn't put you off allowing comments on your site. If your site is bombarded with improper comments then look no further than ‘Akismet’.

Akismet's anti-spam protection automatically checks every comment against its keyword database, detects URLs and filters out the ones that look like spam. The absolute worst spam is automatically deleted to free up disk space. Each install comes with a comment record for reference when you’re moderating, helping you to decide whether a user is a valid contributor or not.

WordPress SEO by Yoast:

With nearly two thirds of all site traffic coming from search engines, it’s vital that you play the SEO game well. ‘WordPress SEO by Yoast’ provides in-depth page analysis to optimise your content, images, meta descriptions and more; whilst the ‘breadcrumbs’ feature lets you see how your visitors are travelling through your site. Creating an XML Sitemap for your site takes seconds, and you can edit your robots.txt or .htaccess files with the file editor.

One install covers all of your WordPress sites, so you don’t have to waste time installing and setting up over and over again.

For more information on Yoast, check out our dedicated post.


If you're looking to make money out of WordPress then take a look at using ‘WP125’, a plugin that lets you add 125x125 pixel adverts to your site. Adverts managed through WP125 require minimum attention: you decide how long you want your advert to run for and once it expires then it's automatically removed from your site. To measure the success of your adverts WP125 also provides detailed performance data covering click-through rates etc.

WP Super Cache:

Load time is an important factor for all Webmasters, and as a result of this there’s a lot of different caching plugins available for WordPress. Our recommend plugin, ‘WP Super Cache’, skims seconds off your load time by generating and serving static files of your post and pages to users.

WP Super Cache is a great plugin because it offers different levels of technicality depending on your needs; it's quick and easy to set up a basic caching process and more advanced users can play with a whole host of additional configuration settings.

WordFence Security:

To give your site further protection try installing ‘WordFence’, a free plugin which safeguards your WordPress site against a whole host of security threats including HeartBleed, malicious networks and fake Googlebots.

What really impresses us about this plugin is that it learns from previous attacks: if one WordFence install spots an attacker then it marks them as dangerous and alerts all other protected sites to this threat.

What are your 'must have' plugins? Are there any WordPress plugins that you find you couldn't be without? Let us know in the comments below.

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