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A Guide To Link Building - Part 1

In this first installment of a two-part series about the SEO practice of link building, I’ll cover its benefits and the importance of building high quality backlinks. By the end of the series you should be well equipped with the knowledge needed t…

Posted Thursday 03rd October, 2013 by Aliysa

Tsohost Reviews

Review sites are now the ideal shopping companion, they offer honest and un-affiliated insight into a companies products and customer service. When it comes to selecting a hosting company to support your online presence, business or community site…

Posted Thursday 03rd October, 2013 by Chris

Data Centre Build: Inergen Fire Suppression System

It has been a busy week at the Tsohost HQ, the once empty data hall is starting to resemble a Data Centre with the installation of raised flooring and room partitions. The latest team on site are Tyco, who are in the process of installing an Iner…

Posted Wednesday 02nd October, 2013 by Aliysa

Data Centre Build: Power Distribution

In past posts I've described our data centre as being Tier 3+ 2N and the arrival of our transformer gives me the perfect opportunity to delve into what 2N means. So what exactly is 2N?

Posted Tuesday 24th September, 2013 by Aliysa

WordPress Plugin Focus: Improve Admin Experience

Creating and maintaining a website takes a lot of time - time that’s spent in the WordPress admin section, so why not modify it to your preference? We offer up three awesome plugins that help improve admin experience.

Posted Monday 23rd September, 2013 by Aliysa

SEO 101

New to SEO? Not to worry! This straight-forward guide will introduce you to the practise. Six basic steps will get you started optimising your site and improving your search engine ranking.

Posted Wednesday 18th September, 2013 by Aliysa

IPv4 Exhaustion - What Is It And How Will It Affect Web Users?

There’s a good chance that you’ve stumbled across the term ‘IPv4 exhaustion’, the issue has enormous significance for the Internet as a global network and will, at some point, effect a great deal of web users. In this article I’ll cover some of th…

Posted Friday 13th September, 2013 by Aliysa

Is Your WordPress Site As Quick As It Could Be?

When it comes to page load time, web users are unforgiving. Load speed is one of the very first factors noticed when visiting a website and first impressions are everything. There's a lot of small tweaks that you can make yourself to help improve …

Posted Wednesday 11th September, 2013 by Aliysa

What Is WHOIS Privacy

Did you know that when you register a domain name, the registered information is accessible for everyone to browse? The WHOIS database shows details of who owns a domain, when it was registered and when it expires.

Posted Thursday 05th September, 2013 by Aliysa