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Sucuri setup video tutorial - WordPress website security plugin

Sucuri setup video tutorial - WordPress website security plugin

Posted 23rd July, 2020 by Sarah

So you’re thinking about securing your website with Sucuri? Great! If you’re concerned your website has been hacked or are looking to take proactive cyber security measures, tsoHost is here to help.

In this article, you’ll find a step by step video guide to show you exactly how you can install Sucuri on your WordPress website using tsoHost.

Ginni Rometty, CEO of IBM, describes cybercrime as the “greatest threat to every profession, every industry and every company in the world”.

With a cyber security hack taking place somewhere in the world every 39 seconds, Ms Rometty’s comments should perhaps come as little surprise. Couple this with the fact that 43 per cent of these attacks are aimed at small businesses, and you’ll know that cyber security is not something to be put off until tomorrow.

Luckily, when it comes to making your website secure, tsoHost makes it easy. Whether you’re a professional website developer or someone who’s less technical, you can simply follow our helpful guides and tutorials to learn how to easily clean and secure your website.

The aim is simple: protect your website, secure peace of mind, stop worrying about cyber security threats and get back to what you do best: building your brand online.

Let’s start by understanding what Sucuri website security is and why it is key to protecting your website.

What is Sucuri website security?

Running a business can be more complicated than solving a Rubix cube. Website and business owners are therefore to be forgiven for not always having the time to dedicate to website security.

That’s why they come to tsoHost. And that’s why we power our security solutions with Sucuri.

Sucuri specialises in WordPress security. According to WordCamp, there are more than 75 million websites that currently use WordPress. As that number grows exponentially every day, it’s our job to provide you with a strong line of defence to protect your digital presence. Think of us as your virtual bodyguards.

Together, tsoHost and Sucuri have devoted years to helping website administrators identify and clean hacked websites.

When you enable Sucuri, all your site traffic goes through its cloudproxy firewall before coming to your hosting server. This in turn protects your website from hackers, malware, DDoS and blocklists. tsoHost offer a range of Sucuri-powered website security packages, which include:

● Staunch daily site scans

● WAF and CDN

● Protection against DDoS

● Unlimited malware removal

● Expert 24/7 security analysts

● Single domain security

● Google blocklist monitoring and removal

● Brand reputation monitoring

Each Sucuri package ardently defends a single domain. If you need protection for more domains, you can purchase more bundles to buttress them, too.

More About Sucuri Website Security From Tso Host

Video guide to install Sucuri

Ready to install Sucuri on your website using tsoHost hosting? Cyber criminals don’t discriminate from global brands to small high street businesses. Just one malware infection can affect everything from your business bank balance to your reputation. When it comes to website security, prevention is always cheaper than the cure.

So simply follow our video guide and you’ll be cyber secure today.

We regularly update our blog with ‘how to’ videos and informative content designed to empower your technical decision making. Visit our blog and explore for more.

Video transcript

In order to install Sucuri website security on your website, you first need to login to your Client Area at “my - dot - tsohost - dot - com”.

Go to “Services” - top left on the menu bar. Then “Order New Services”.

This takes you to the ‘Services’ page where you’ll select “Security” from the menu on the left.

Take a moment to read through the features of the different packages we offer and select the one that’s right for your site.

There’s Security Essential.

This package protects and purges your website. Unlimited malware scans means we’ll scan your site every day - and Google blocklist monitoring means, if your site is blocklisted for any reason, we’ll work with you to help you sort out the problem.

This is Security Deluxe.

This package offers fantastic frontline defence plus reinforcements! It includes everything you get with the ‘Essential’ package - plus our Web Application Firewall and our CDN performance accelerator.

And finally, Security Ultimate.

This is the gold standard Fort Knox of cyber security - which offers a fantastic six-hour response time.

It includes the full ‘Deluxe’ package with the additional peace-of-mind offered by one-click backups and restorations.

But, for this tutorial, we’ll just go with ‘Security Essential’.

Now choose your billing cycle - whether you want to pay monthly or annually. Then we continue.

Review your purchase and check out. Then, you go back to your Client Area dashboard and click ‘Products’.

Go down to ‘Security Essential’. Clicking that will take you to your Product Management page.

And from here you can log into your new ‘Sucuri Dashboard’. And welcome to the tsoHost Security User Interface.

Click the ‘Setup’ button. Choose the domain name you want to secure from the drop-down menu. Hit ‘Next’

Wait while we set up your security. It’ll take a few seconds. And Sucuri Internet is guarding your website.

So, to give your site a thorough scan. Just click ‘Manage’. Because this is the first time your site has been scanned, this could take a while. Especially if your website is quite large.

But, you can navigate away from this page and do something else, it’ll keep working away in the background.

And, when it’s done, if the ticks are green, your site is clean!

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