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The 15 most read blog posts of 2019

The 15 most read blog posts of 2019

Posted 24th December, 2019 by Sarah

7-minute read

The results are in! The tsoHost blog team has run the analytics and we’ve uncovered the 15 most-read blog posts of 2019.

Many of tsoHost’s customers are entrepreneurs, start-ups and growing businesses, so it comes as no surprise that the list is full of advice on productivity, small business marketing and keeping customers happy.

tsoHost also specialises in selling WordPress hosting, so it’s also no shock that a few WordPress how-to articles feature on the list.

One thing we’re pleased as punch to see popping up regularly on the list are our blogs on wellbeing and workplace happiness.

The tsoHost team see first-hand how our customers are no strangers to burning the midnight oil for their businesses. So, it’s good to see that they’re mindful of looking after themselves, too.

So, without further ado, here’s our list of the 15 most-read blog posts of 2019.

4 commonly believed social media myths and the truths behind them

In this blog, we debunked social media myths such as ‘social media is a free marketing method’, ‘you need an account on every platform’, ‘the same content can be used across channels’ and ‘social sites are only useful as a sales tool’.

6 left-field ways to make yourself more productive

In this post we briefly rounded up a selection of more orthodox techniques for improving productivity before diving into a list of more unusual approaches. These included dancing into the day, putting art on the office walls, cryotherapy and spring cleaning.

12 websites every SME needs to know about

For this one, we compiled a list of handy websites for news and advice on online marketing, SEO, business tech, general business, social media and Google.

The secrets to having a happy team

In this blog we looked at the latest research into workplace happiness and took a nosy into the practices and cultures of Glassdoor’s list of UK companies with the happiest workers. We considered the benefits of techniques like offering later start times and natural light breaks and providing healthy snacks and allowing animals in the office.

6 common WordPress errors and their quick fixes

This blog addressed problems like the white screen of death, internal server error, error establishing a database connection, timed-out connections, changes not appearing on sites, and sites getting stuck in maintenance mode after updating.

Social service: how to provide excellent customer service online

In this one, we looked at the role of social media as a customer service tool. We looked at topics such as responsiveness, effective use of management tools, AI and the importance of personality in social media communications.

Brand intimacy for SMEs

This article was inspired by a report by the Brand Intimacy Study Lab that found that Fortune 500 companies with high levels of brand intimacy performed better on the revenue and profit front than businesses with lower levels of brand intimacy. This article looked at the concept of brand intimacy more closely and offered tips on how to develop it within an SME environment.

5 of the best web design trends for the rest of 2019

This blog highlighted five design techniques that were becoming more and more popular with web designers. These included broken grid layouts, brutalism, adventurous typography, retro aesthetics and reimagined hero areas.

Ultimate inspiration for mobile site design

For For this one, we looked at websites that had won awards for their mobile design. We looked at impactful sites, emotive sites, contemporary sites, effortless sites, slick sites and stylish sites.

Rethinking work life balance for SMEs

This blog offered up tips for improving work life balance. It took the latest research and theories into account, looking at concepts like work-life balance days, managing energy not time, and ‘breaking well’.

Key digital marketing trends for small businesses in 2019

In this article, we reviewed concepts like AI, topic clusters, personalisation, video marketing and voice search to see how small businesses might incorporate even small elements of them into their day to day operations. Throughout the course of 2019 we expanded on these topics in the blog, offering further advice.

What’s new in WordPress 5.2

For this one we looked at the main additions that came with WordPress version 5.2 including accessibility updates, PHP version increase, plugin compatibility checks and new dashboard icons.

How to get started with YouTube marketing in four steps

This blog took YouTube rookies by the hand and walked them through steps like creating a YouTube brand channel, establishing content, marketing and optimising video content.

How to beat the Joneses in business promotion this year

This article considered how harnessing annual trends can help businesses really stand out from the crowd. It looked at trend forecasts for the rest of the year and offered advice on how to best harness these trends. Specifically, it looked at trends such as sloth and banana imagery and living coral colour schemes.

Web design inspiration from the world’s fastest growing companies

Published in November, this article snooped around the website designs of seven of the world’s fastest growing companies. That’s companies with three-year revenue growth rates of up to 75,000 per cent and actual revenues of hundreds of millions of pounds. We looked at brands like PopSockets, Home Chef and SwanLeap to see what they were doing so right.

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