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The A to Z of Web Hosting Plus

The A to Z of Web Hosting Plus

Posted 24th September, 2020 by Sarah

It’s been a big week at tsoHost.

Why? Because we’ve just launched a brand-new Web Hosting Plus product.

We introduced the concept of Web Hosting Plus in our ‘More power, fewer headaches: introducing Web Hosting Plus at tsoHost’ blog recently.

In this second article, we look at all the inclusions and benefits – there are so many we were able to write an A to Z about them.

So here’s the alphabet’s worth of the plus points that come with Web Hosting Plus bundles…

A – All new

Web Hosting Plus is a brand-new hosting product at tsoHost. Packages pair the dedicated resources of a virtual private server with the effortless admin that comes with cPanel control panel.

B – Bandwidth

Bandwidth is unmetered in all four of tsoHost’s Web Hosting Plus bundles.

C – cPanel

Web Hosting Plus accounts are managed using the established and easy-to-use cPanel control panel. The cPanel dashboard is intuitively designed, and many account admin jobs can be carried out in a series of clicks.

D – Dedicated resources

Every Web Hosting Plus bundle comes with a dedicated set of resources. So, you don’t have to share the likes of CPU and RAM with anyone else.

E – Expand et al

Four Web Hosting Plus packages are available at tsoHost – these are Launch, Enhance, Grow and Expand.

F – Free domain name

Every Web Hosting Plus package comes with a free domain name for a year, from a choice of .be .biz .uk .com .de .eu .info .me .net .org .link .website

G – Guidance

While Web Hosting Plus has been designed to be as simple to manage as possible, the tsoHost support team is on hand to answer any queries customers may have regarding their bundles. Tickets can be raised any time of day and experts can be contacted via live chat and phone from 7am to midnight.

H – High traffic websites

Web Hosting Plus was made with high traffic websites in mind. Packages are designed to keep your site up and running through peak times.

I – Ideal for web designers

The power of Web Hosting Plus makes it ideal for web designers who don’t want to reign in their creativity due to resource restrictions. With Web Hosting Plus you can create sites that host videos, photos, graphics, downloads and more.

J – Joomla and co

You call the shots with the CMSs and plugins you use when you have a Web Hosting Plus bundle. Choose between WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Joomla, PrestaShop and more. Or choose to install a custom-made solution.

K – Knowledge base

All Web Hosting Plus packages come with cPanel for easier account admin. One of the big draws of cPanel is that is comes with a huge offering of learning resources. In the cPanel Knowledge Base you can learn about everything from how to create a custom transport script for backups to how to delete a MySQL database.

L – Let us migrate you

When you buy a Web Hosting Plus bundle, you can rely on our team to migrate you from your current host to you new plan free of charge.

M – Moneyback guarantee

Every Web Hosting Plus package at tsoHost comes with a 30-day money back promise. So, if you’re not happy with your bundle, you can claim a refund.

N – Ninety nine percent uptime

tsoHost’s Web Hosting Plus packages are built around premium performance, so a 99.9 per cent uptime promise is included in every bundle.

O – One-click installs

Web Hosting Plus allows you to install the likes of WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Drupal, Open Web Analytics and more in a matter of minutes

P – Powerful and painless

If we had to sum up Web Hosting Plus at tsoHost, these two words would do the trick. Web Hosting Plus marries the power that comes with dedicated resources with the easy account admin of cPanel.

Q – Quick

Websites hosted on tsoHost’s Web Hosting Plus packages can load up to three times faster than those that rely on standard hosting.

R – Reliable

With Web Hosting Plus, your resources are yours and yours alone. So, you’ll never have to worry about other server users taking more than their fair share and affecting your site’s performance.

S – Security

Unless you choose otherwise, all websites on your Web Hosting Plus package will be automatically secured with a valid DV SSL certificate. This SSL has been designed to take the hassle out of securing your site. You don’t need to worry about validating it or renewing it either. Our automated SSL system does it all for you, ensuring the sensitive data on your site is protected from prying eyes.

T – Tailored

Web Hosting Plus was created to solve a problem. It was designed to give people access to more hosting power without them having to up their technical knowledge. The result is a powerful hosting product that’s hassle-free to manage.

U – Unlimited elements

All four of tsoHost’s Web Hosting Plus packages come with unlimited elements such as websites, databases and file count.

V – VPS-style resources

We’ve mentioned this above, but this really is one of the major draws of a Web Hosting Plus package – you get the sort of dedicated, unshared resources that you get with a virtual private server without the tech headache. 

W – Wallet-friendly

Starting at £17.99 a month, Web Hosting Plus bundles are affordable. Especially when you consider you get the same sort of dedicated resources that you get with a virtual private server, which costs a little bit more.

X – Xenagogue

Firstly, if you’ve made it this far down the alphabet of Web Hosting Plus you’re a trooper. However, it also means that you’ve found us out – while Web Hosting Plus comes with a ream of benefits – none of these benefits begin with a X – so we’ve chosen the word Xenagogue – it means guide and it’s another reminder that the tsoHost support team will be on hand throughout your entire Web Hosting Plus experience to answer questions and queries.

Y – You call the shots

One of the four main benefits of Web Hosting Plus is that it’s flexible. You can choose the CMS and plug-ins you use or you can install a custom-made solution.

Z – Zen

The aim of Web Hosting Plus is to make server-standard hosting simple. Thanks to cPanel, you don’t need a technical degree to be able to manage your hosting services, even though you get dedicated resources and a lot more control over your account. So, Web Hosting Plus comes with a sense of calm included.

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