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The #littlethings that are keeping the tsoHost team going through lockdown

The #littlethings that are keeping the tsoHost team going through lockdown

Posted 09th July, 2020 by Sarah

There aren’t many people who can say living through the Covid-19 crisis and the related global lockdown has been a breeze.

Nuffield Health recently reported that 80 per cent of British people working from home during lockdown felt the experience had had a negative impact on their mental health.

The British Medical Association, meanwhile, is warning that the UK is facing a post-Covid mental health crisis. Plus, occupational health experts are suggesting that workers around the country need PPE for their mental health as much as their physical health.

In this article, we’ll touch on the advice organisations like the NHS and Mind are offering to help the general population deal with low level Covid-related anxiety, stress and worry. Plus, we’ll look at the ways the tsoHost team is putting that advice into action in their own lives.

The Five Ways to Wellbeing

You can read about The Five ways to Wellbeing in the coping with Covid sections of organisations like the NHS and mental health charity Mind.

The Five Ways were developed as part of the Foresight Project on Mental Capital and Wellbeing, which was commissioned by the UK government.

The Five Ways suggests that the following activities can help people maintain a sense of wellbeing during times of stress…

Connecting: keeping in touch with friends and family through anything from Zoom calls to letters.

Getting active: taking part in a little exercise, from a walk or online yoga class to a run or bike ride.

Taking notice: paying attention to what’s happening in the precise second you’re in. Tuning out the past and future in favour of the present.

Keeping learning: whether that’s reading an opinion piece in the newspaper or committing to learning a new language.

Giving: offering support and help to others can be therapeutic in itself in troubling times.

The tsoHost team’s ways to wellness

The tsoHost team has been on the Coronacoaster with rest of the UK. Here are a few of the ways they’ve been taking their mind off the anxiety of lockdown and the stress of balancing work and family and missing loved ones.

Lady bugs and basil

‘In some ways, confinement has helped me completely shift my perspective and outlook on life. It's forced me to slow down and examine my self in my environment. And with that shift has come some surprising insights: I find joy in the tiniest little things, whether it's a ladybug wandering across my window sill, or my tiny seedlings growing centimetre by centimetre – in the garden and on my sill I have green and red basil, a chili pepper, lavender, all manners of flowers, coriander, green onions, radishes, garlic, pumpkins, zucchini, apple, cherry, and pear trees – or impromptu dance parties in the kitchen when my favourite song comes on the radio.

‘I also bought a $5 ukulele and when I feel a bit weird I pick it up and play "You are my sunshine" to myself.’

Rianna M

Warm water and Wagner

‘The little things that make me happy include having some passion fruit tea before going to bed. It helps me calm down and sleep better. Taking a long shower while listening to classical music also helps me relax and detox my mind.’

Julianna L

Birds and buds

‘Feeding the birds and tending to my garden every day has helped me slow down and enjoy little moments.’

Alycia M

5 o’clock somewhere Fridays

‘After the untimely deaths of numerous sourdough starters, my wife and I shifted to making shrubs – a vinegar, sugar, and fruit concoction used to instantly punch up cocktails or even sparkling water. Each batch takes about a week to infuse, and it’s nice to have something bright and unusual on the calendar to look forward to.’

Mike M

Scents and the open sky

‘I’m usually a very curious and spontaneous person, so I’ve missed the animation of the outside world during lockdown. I’ve been trying to loose myself in micropleasures when I’ve felt overwhelmed such as putting on a spray of my favourite perfume in the morning – it’s memories and not just mist that comes out of the bottle – or taking a few moments to look at the clouds or stars to remind myself that the big wide world is still out there, waiting for us all to get through this.’

Sarah H

Family time

‘Ive had the chance to teach my five year old how to ride his bike during lockdown’

Sarah B


‘I bought a map of the world and I’m planning my next 30927 trips. I’d go to Brazil today if I could.’

Sara R

Three global ways to wellness

Of course, stress is nothing new. In fact, the word stress itself can be traced back to the ancient Latin word stringere.

The experience of stress has arguably always been part of the human condition – the fight or flight response to danger couldn’t happen without what’s known as the stress hormones.

As a result, cultures around the world have developed deeply ingrained ways of dealing with stress over time.

Here are a handful of those ways to take inspiration from…

Fika, Sweden

Fika is the Swedish traditional for having a social cup of coffee and something sweet to eat with a friend or colleague. It’s something that can be done remotely during lockdown. The emphasis here is on the social element, not just the food or drink. The Swedish tourist board site explains:

“Fika is much more than having a coffee. It is a social phenomenon, a legitimate reason to set aside a moment for quality time.”

Voorpret, Holland

This is the Dutch word for an excited anticipation of something ahead. The spirit of Voorpret is what Sara R was seizing above when she said she’d bought a map of the world during lockdown to plan – even if it’s just on paper for a while – her next trips.

Belum, Indonesia

According to the book The Serenity Passport, Belum translates as ‘not yet’. It sums up an approach to life that accepts, calmly, that nothing is certain – that sometimes things are out of control and that the things we want from life aren’t guaranteed to happen immediately, but they may happen eventually.

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