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Valentine's Day Marketing Ideas for SMEs

Valentine's Day Marketing Ideas for SMEs

Posted 31st January, 2019 by Aidan

The Beatles once famously sang that all you need is love, and at this time of year the sentence rings especially true for marketing professionals and those in charge of promotions within small businesses.

In the UK, love-struck consumers spend more than £700 million on celebrating the day – splashing out on everything from dining-out and hotel stays to traditional gifts like flowers and chocolates.

So how do small businesses get their slice of this multi-million-pound pie?

Here are a few tips for ways that SMEs can make the most of their marketing in the run-up to February 14th.


Prepare your website

There are several ways in which you can nip and tuck your website to attract Valentine’s Day shoppers. The first is to temporarily tweak or replace your homepage banner so that it mentions the big day.

Even if you don’t sell products or services that count as Valentine’s Day gifts or experiences themselves, you can still give your website visitors that warm fuzzy feeling by wishing them a happy February 14th.

If you do sell Valentine’s-relevant products and services, you’ll need to ensure that your delivery information is clearly visible on your website’s homepage. Let customers know what your delivery times are and when the final order date is to ensure they receive their goods in time for the 14th.

Finally, ensure you add a gift guide to your website, either as an additional landing page or on your blog. Divide guides up into sections so they’re easy to read, and include photos or videos. How segment your guide is up to you – options include creating his and hers sections or splitting guides up by themes – eg best Valentine’s gifts for foodies, bookworms, art lovers and so on.

Create special offers

It’s possible to theme your offers around Valentine’s Day. Think about offering two for the price of one deals, or buy one get one half price offers to fit in with the coupley concept of the big day.

You can offer the above even if you don’t provide gifts or romantic experiences by going down the ‘share the love’ route and simply offering price reductions or free samples in the loving spirit of the season.

Another option is to create a ‘perfect partner’ deal in which you give customers money off a complementary product when they buy another item at full price. For example, money off chocolates if they buy flowers or money off a purse if they buy a pair of shoes.

Craft an email campaign

Of course, special offers and gift guides are the obvious focus for Valentine’s Day themed email campaigns. You can’t go wrong with a subject line like Looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for him? or Show your love with these great gifts.

However, you can also do things like sending your customers Valentine’s Cards telling them how much they mean to you.

You don’t need to get creepy or go over the top. A simple subject line such as Customers Like You Are the Heart of Our Business should do the trick.

Get social

Just as with your website’s homepage, you can temporarily change the banners on your social media pages to reflect the Valentine’s Day theme. Websites like Canva allow you to create new banners for free.

Then, of course, there are Valentine’s Day posts. Images work well on social media, but they don’t have to be all about love hearts and roses. Penguin India’s #loveinotherwords campaign is a great example of an engaging Valentine’s Day picture campaign.

Videos can also go down a treat on Valentine’s Day. Consider creating a How-To video on a topic linked to your business. If you’re a butcher, for example, consider creating a ‘how to choose the perfect steak for Valentine’s Day’ video. If you’re a hairdresser, think about creating a ‘How to sculpt the perfect curls for Valentine’s Day date night’ video, and so on.

Get your timings right

Unlike other peak times of year for consumer spending, the Valentine’s Day splurge doesn’t tend to happen too far in advance. According to research by Bing 46 per cent of Valentine’s Day shoppers don’t start buying until the first weeks of February. So, ensure you don’t leave the starting blocks too soon.


Consider singles

It’s an American study, but it’s food for thought. In 2016, The National Retail Federation released the results of a research study that showed that a quarter of single people planned to do something to mark Valentine’s Day in their own way.

Many American companies now offer Galentine’s Day offers and content on February 13th. To keep things fair between the sexes, you could also consider running a Manentine’s campaign.

Think about friendships

Research from Bing in 2017 suggested that 20 per cent of people searching for Valentine’s Gifts were looking for presents for friends or colleagues. It’s worth taking this into consideration when you’re composing deals or compiling gift guides.

Consider pets

It’s thought that UK consumers spent £27 million on Valentine’s Day gifts for their pets in 2017. Good Housekeeping reported that one in five Brits spend money on their animals on February 14th. Therefore, if you offer products or services for pets, you’ll miss a trick if you don’t offer any Valentine’s Day marketing at all.

Team up with a charity

In the spirit of love and consideration, it can be worthwhile to do something for charity around Valentine’s Day. The simplest thing to do is to offer to give a donation to a charity of your choice for every purchase made on your site within a certain Valentine’s Day-relevant time frame.

Tell a love story or two of your very own

It’s well known that brands with a story behind them tend to have higher rates of customer loyalty and even better sales conversions than those that don’t.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to wear your heart on your sleeve and reveal a bit about your brand’s story, either on your blog or your social media sites.

There’s a rainbow of ways for getting a bit of your brand story out during Valentine’s season. A few things you can do include:

  • Talk about the passion that kickstarted your business in the first place
  • Talk about the love you have for your business, products and services today
  • If your company is family run, talk about your ties

If you’ve got a strong and close team within your business, talk about the bonds that make the teamwork and maybe even hold a secret Santa-style Valentine’s present event in your business and show the results on social media and your website.

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