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Webinar: Demystifying New Domain Extensions

Posted 14th August, 2013 by Aliysa

A big thank you to everyone that joined our first webinar; Demystifying New Domain Extensions. We hope you found the webinar insightful and that you walked away with a strong understanding of the changing domain market and the impact it may have on you. For those that didn't join the webinar, don't worry you haven't missed out, we recorded the session so you can catch up on all there is to know about the nTLDs.

As promised, the presenters have answered all the questions that we didn't have time to answer during the webinar. If you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to post them in the comment box below.

1. Why is there a .CO in the .CO.UK extension?

.co is a common SLD (second level domain) used by many registries to represent "commercial" or "company" and is usually the most popular SLD for TLDs which only offer 3rd level registrations.

2. What is the most exciting TLD going to be?

There are a selection of TLDs which look like they'll be extremely popular, the TLDs I'm looking out for are:

  • .WEB - Which looks like it could be a great alternative to .com as a generic "defacto" TLD to use.
  • .SHOP - Depending on how they market this, it could provide a secured and trusted way to do business online, this does depend on what checks the registry impose, if they go for full malware scanning, SSL and DNSSEC being mandatory then it could provide a trusted TLD which consumers can be confident provides a secure connection when shopping online.
  • .BLOG - This one seems like a no brainer to me! Blogs are extremely popular and helped birth the social media age, having a TLD dedicated to this type of media will allow bloggers to really take advantage with unique and interesting domains to represent their blog online.
  • .LONDON - With one of the most heavily populated and influential capitals in the world, .LONDON will likely be extremely popular especially for london businesses wanting to market their services to the greater London area.

3. What order are the nTLDs going to be released and who decides?

Each application is given a "weight" or "prioritization number" which is part of the process, those with higher priority - which are considered more important for the community are processed first (you can see each applications prioritization number on the applications detail page on ICANNs sub-site for the New gTLDs

This prioritization isn't fixed though, various hoops and barriers may delay some applications, the first application to sign their contract with ICANN ([".shabaka"]( ) had a prioritization rating of 3.

Once we have more information on new TLDs which will be launching soon we'll let you know!

4. What is the most expensive TLD Tsohost currently sell?

The most expensive TLD we currently sell on our website is .AC @ £49.17 exc VAT.

We do have some domains which have much higher costs however, for example we recently processed an application for a .HR domain which also requires a Trustee service (as it requires residency) bringing the total cost to £249/year.

Sometimes shorter domains also carry a higher price tag, some 1 character domains cost around £3,000/year.

5. What type of TLD is and .EU.COM?

.UK.COM and .EU.COM are centralNic domains, they operate these as a pseudo-registry, technically they own or lease a standard .com domain (UK.COM) and then provision subdomains under it. This seems to be a popular way to provide more choice for those who are unable to acquire their ideal domain under .com or

6. Are the new extensions just going to be a novelty like .MOBI?

This will be one where "Time will tell" - I do think a lot of the new TLDs will likely have limited market, and many may get a lot of registrations at first, but find when it comes to renewal time people don't see the value on keeping hold of them.

I do think that some (like .blog, .shop and .web) will likely be very popular depending on the price points and requirements the final registry imposes, others like ".circle" or ".frontdoor" seem unlikely to be able to attract many registrations.

7. Will domain extensions like shop.PIZZA have better rankings than pizza.COM?

This is something which will be completely in the engineers at Google and Bing to decide. Google certainly use a huge variety of indicators when deciding how to rank a site, some think they look to the age of a domain registration, so if you've owned for many years, that might rank higher than a brand new "".

have little doubt that Google will likely use the new TLDs as an indicator, but how much weight is given to it can only be speculation. I'm sure the SEO consultants will quickly try to figure this one out once we see the new TLDs go live.

Personally I'm a firm believer in "content is king" - Good content, and ensuring your site is easy to use and designed well so users enjoy using it and you'll go far.

8. When will the .LONDON extension be released?

We don't have a firm date for this, but I can tell you it has a Prioritization number of 635, so it'll likely be a while yet until we're able to register .LONDON.

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