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WHOIS Privacy Protection For UK Domain Names

Posted Monday 01st May, 2017 by


We get asked a lot of questions about private domain registrations. A question we're guaranteed to be asked every day is " Can I hide my personal details for my UK domain?" As of today, the answer is yes. The wait is finally over - WHOIS Privacy Protection, the highest level of privacy protection is now available on all UK domains, including .co.uk, .uk and .me.uk. Once enabled WHOIS Privacy Protection hides a domain owners name and home address from the public WHOIS Database, making a domain registration completely private.

This means there are now 2 Privacy protection options available to UK domain name owners - WHOIS Privacy Protection and WHOIS Opt-Out. To help you select the correct privacy protection option for your needs, below we've highlighted the key differences between the 2 privacy options available to you.

Different levels of privacy protection

Why are my personal details published on the WHOIS Database?

When you registered your UK domain name, your full name and home address was automatically published on the public WHOIS database - this log of information is what we in the industry call a WHOIS record.

Built on the premise as an honest means of contact between a user and a website owner, every domain name registered has a published WHOIS record. Unfortunately, the WHOIS database isn’t always used for its original purpose and is often used by scammers and spammers.

Are my personal details visible on the WHOIS Databse?

You can check if your personal details are visible on the WHOIS Database by performing a WHOIS check here.

What information is shown if I don't use privacy protection?

If you choose no to use WHOIS Opt Out or Privacy Protection then your name and address will be publicly displayed on the public WHOIS Database.

How do I enable WHOIS Privacy Protection for a domain name I already own?

It's never too late to protect your personal details. You can enable WHOIS Privacy Protection now or at a later date from within your Tsohost client area. Log in to your client area, click My Domains and click Manage on the domain you would like to protect. To finish click Enable Privacy Protection.

How can I enable WHOIS Opt Out on my domain?

You can enable whois Opt-Out on your UK domain name in My.Tsohost.com -> My Domains -> Manage -> Contact Information - here you can set your opt out status. Remember, you must be a non trading individual to activate WHOIS Opt Out. If you opt out without meeting the criteria you risk having your domain disabled by Nominet.

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