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WordPress Plugin Focus: Improve Admin Experience

Posted 23rd September, 2013 by Aliysa

Creating and maintaining a website takes a lot of time - time that’s spent in the WordPress admin section, so why not modify it to your preference? There are plenty of free plugins available to optimise the admin area, which is particularly useful if you have multiple people looking after and editing a website.

Admin menu editor screenshot

Once installed you can reorder the menus through drag-and-dropping, edit menu titles and URLs, you can even create custom menus to organise the Dashboard to your own liking. It also allows you to change user capabilities, but I've found another plugin to be better for this.

Capability manager enhanced screenshot

Capability Manager Enhanced provides a really straightforward interface to optimise user roles. WordPress’ roles system caters somewhat for multi-admin websites - this plugin allows you to edit roles and create entirely new ones by checking and unchecking capabilities. When installed you can access ‘Capabilities’ under the Users section.

Ozh' Admin Drop Down Menu Screenshot

It’s so simple, yet one of my favourite plugins for altering the backend of WordPress. Changing the vertical admin sidebar on the left into a horizontal drop down menu at the top of the screen frees up screen space for editing pages and posts.

There are loads of plugins out there for editing WordPress from an admin perspective - many more could’ve been included in this post. What plugins do you use for WordPress admin optimisation?

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