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WordPress Plugin Focus: Simple Surveys For Your Site

Posted 28th October, 2013 by Aliysa

Surveys can be used for all kinds of different purposes, from capturing customer feedback to gauging your audiences opinion on a given issues. Recently a reader asked me to source a good survey plugin that sends responses straight to the Admin email, here I list three free ones that I can vouch for, which readily incorporate this function.

Surveys Plugin Screenshot

A very basic, but effective survey plugin. With this survey plugin creating a survey is straight-forward and it's just as easy to view results - either in aggregate mode or as individual responses. After installation and activation, you can manage your surveys under the Tools tab and through navigating to ‘Survey Settings’ under the Settings tab you can change the admin email. The main limitation of this plugin is that there’s little flexibility for creating different types of questions: they either have to be radio buttons or checkboxes, with a minimum of four possible answers. WordPress Survey and Quiz Tool Screenshot At a glance: Create an unlimited number of surveys, quizzes and polls. Insight This is a great plugin that offers a nice selection of options to style your survey questions, for instance you can create Likert scale response questions. With WPSQT it’s possible to format the charts that appear on your site, and also customise the notification email which is sent to the Admin. There’s options to limit submissions per IP, WordPress user and computer, which is handy for preventing repeat entries. Additionally, unlike many other free plugins, you’re not restricted in terms of functionality, which is often the case for plugins that offer a premium version.

Formidable Forms Screenshot

At a glance: Build and add forms to your site with complete ease.

Insight: Another awesome plugin - Formidable Forms utilizes a drag-and-drop interface for adding fields to forms, making it really simple and speedy to implement a survey to your WordPress site. With email notifications and an adequate range of field options (e.g. radio buttons, drop down lists, paragraph text etc), this plugin scores highly for usability. One limitation is that you’re constantly prompted to upgrade to the paid version, otherwise features such as form statistics are unavailable, but for basic use I’ve found the free version to be sufficient. However, if you require additional features and greater customisability, the premium version is highly acclaimed.

What plugins have you, or do you use for surveys on your WordPress sites?

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