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With an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 (based on 660 reviews), we believe the client feedback left on this page speaks for itself!
Jon Pertwee, Bata Brands
Project Manager, Global Systems
Since Tsohost was founded in 2003, one of our core principles has been to deliver an unbeatable customer service to all clients, big or small, resulting in a hosting experience unlike any other.

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Bata Brands

Jon Pertwee

Project Manager Global Systems

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Founder and CEO

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Ruth Arnold

Blogger, Gamer & Tech Geek


Alex Wood


I've used Tsohost for quite a few of my websites over the years and I've never really had to go anywhere else. They offer great customer service and the hosting is fast and easy to set up on multiple sites. They load fast and they are up 100% of the time which is really important for me and my ecom sites. Great job Tsohost!

I have used Tsohost in the past with several clients and I found them helpful and knowledgeable at every stage. I have used numerous different host providers and I would put Tsohost up there with the best of them.

I don't use anyone else. Tsohost is simply the best. I recommend them to anyone who want high-quality hosting and more.

For a professional photographer, a slick website is of immeasurable importance. For someone, who runs a small business, it must be a website that does not take too much time to manage. When I had yet another problem with my then hosting provider, I decided to look elsewhere. I had come across tsohost before (not as a client) and thought that I would at least talk to them. I was impressed from the outset. When you move an established website, you have a lot of technical questions - how does this work? Can you do such and such? What if? Even the sales staff, my first point of contact, had a really well founded knowledge of the technical details - that’s a rarity. I know now, after the move, that everything I had been told was perfectly accurate. The move itself was painless. Tsohost did all the work for me - they offer a free migration service - and, apart from a quick check that everything looked as it should, there was not much for me to do. I had no website downtime nor lost any e-mails. The most time-consuming part of the move was the site re-design that I had decided to do. Of course, many questions arose. The level of support from tsohost is truly stunning and easily beyond anything I have come across before. All the support staff are extremely friendly, knowledgeable, patient and you can feel a genuine eagerness to help. Most of my support tickets were answered almost instantly and those that weren’t took two hours at most not just to be answered but to be resolved. I think many other hosting providers would struggle to come anywhere close to this level of support. Pricing was not a deciding factor but is very reasonable. I am satisfied that I made a good decision and will happily and highly recommend Tsohost.

We believe the feedback left on this page speaks for itself, with an average 4.9 out of 5 rating, based on 660 testimonials.

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