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Only £4.99/yr + 20% VAT

Domain Privacy Protection ™

Put a stop to spam and fraud with a private domain registration.

Stop Spam Now

Domain Privacy Protection hides your personal contact details on the public WHOIS database.

When you register a domain you are required to provide accurate contact details, including: your name, phone number, email and home address. This information – known as a WHOIS record is automatically published on the public WHOIS database.

Unfortunately, the WHOIS database is used by spammers and online fraudsters who hijack identities, flood mailboxes with spam and target domain owners with malicious emails including fake renewal reminders.

Domain Privacy Protection stops your personal contact details falling into the hands of these fraudsters by making your domain registration private. With Privacy Protection your personal contact details on the public WHOIS Database are replaced with those of IdentiSafe Limited.

How does it work?

We replace your visible personal contact details on the public WHOIS Database with those of IdentiSafe Limited - keeping your details out of the hands of spammers and fraudsters.


Without Privacy Protection

Your Name
Your House & Street
Your Town
Your Postcode


With Privacy Protection

IdentiSafe Limited.
113-114 Buckingham Avenue,
Slough, SL1 4PF
United Kingdom

Hide your personal contact details today

Just Only £4.99/yr + 20% VAT

Add to a new domain

You can add Domain Privacy Protection to your new domain registration or transfer during the checkout process.

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Add to an existing domain

If you already have a domain registered with us you can add Domain Privacy Protection from your control panel.

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Frequently asked questions

Is Domain Privacy Protection available on all Domain Names?

You can add Domain Privacy Protection to domains with the extensions: .BIZ, .BZ, .CC, .CO, .COM, .CO.UK, .INFO, .ME, .MOBI, .NAME, .NET, .ORG, .TEL, .TV, .SITE, .NEWS, .EXPRESS, .CAFE, .LOVE, .PLUS, .GOLF, .FAITH, .DATE, …read on .LEGAL, .COACH, .FORSALE, plus many more. For a full list of domains that can be protected with Domain Privacy Protection click here.

Do I still own the domain if I use Domain Privacy Protection?

Yes. When you make your domain private with our private domain registration service, your Domain Name remains under your management and ownership for as long as you register it.

Can I add Domain Privacy Protection to a domain registered elsewhere?

No. Domain Privacy Protection is only available on domains which are registered with us. If you have a domain elsewhere that you would like to protect you can transfer it to us and add protection during the checkout process.

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