WHOIS Privacy Protection

Protect your identity during a domain lookup

What is WHOIS Privacy?

WHOIS Privacy is a domain add-on that replaces your visible personal details on the WHOIS database with our contact information.

When you register a domain name, the registered information, including your name, address and contact details, is made accessible for everyone to browse in the WHOIS database.

Which domains can be protected?

  • .biz
  • .bz
  • .cc
  • .co
  • .com
  • .info
  • .me
  • .mobi
  • .name
  • .net
  • .org
  • .tel
  • .tv
  • .ws

How do I order WHOIS Privacy?

You can add WHOIS Privacy during a new domain registration or transfer during the checkout process. You can also order WHOIS Privacy as a domains add-on at anytime from our user control panel.

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Who is WHOIS Privacy for?

In some cases it can be beneficial to have your details publicly visible via WHOIS. For example, if you are an online business, being open with your details helps build trust and credibility.

However, if you run a blog, hobbyist or non-ecommerce transacting site, having your information open for all to see is often unnecessary. By hiding your details you shield yourself from unwanted attention from spammers, scammers and telemarketers who've been known to scour the WHOIS database for email addresses and other details.

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WHOIS Privacy FAQs

How do I buy WHOIS Privacy?

WHOIS Privacy is an optional add-on for select domains. You can add WHOIS Privacy to applicable domain names during checkout by clicking ‘Configure / Add-on.’ WHOIS Privacy can be added to a domain at a later date and is configurable within the domain section in your control panel.

What is WHOIS Privacy?

As a domain owner, your name, address and personal contact details are available for everyone to view on the WHOIS database. WHOIS Privacy replaces your visible personal or business details on the WHOIS database, with our details.

Do I need WHOIS Privacy?

WHOIS Privacy is suitable for non-transacting websites where it is unnecessary to publicly display private details.

Why would I want to hide my details with WHOIS Privacy?

Telemarketers, spammers and others with malicious purposes have been known to crawl the WHOIS database to collect details. WHOIS Privacy hides your details, protecting you from this.

What domains can I use WHOIS Privacy on?

WHOIS Privacy protection is available for .biz, .bz, .cc, .co, .com, .info, .me, .mobi, .name, .net, .org, .tel, .tv and .ws. If you’re unsure whether WHOIS Privacy is available for a particular domain, please contact support.

Can I hide my details from WHOIS for .UK domains?

Yes, .UK domains have a separate ‘Opt-Out’ tool available for non-trading individuals, which hides the contact details of a domain owner free of charge.

What information will be shown for my domain?

After purchasing WHOIS Privacy we will replace your contact information with our details

Contact Privacy Inc. Customer 0133446945
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