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.UK is a snappier alternative to .CO.UK, and is set to become the all new standard for websites associated with the UK. The release provides new opportunities for individuals and business owners alike to demonstrate their connection to the UK.

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How does the first right of refusal work?

Where there are two or more domains with the same website name, the .CO.UK will have first right of refusal to the .UK equivalent (this only applies to domains registered before 23:59 on the 28th October 2013). Where there is no .CO.UK, the .ORG.UK will be offered the new .UK equivalent. Where there is no .CO.UK or .ORG.UK, the .ME.UK will be offered the new .UK equivalent.

All .CO.UK domains registered after 28 October 2013 and before the new .UK domains are launched (10th June 2014) will also have rights to the .UK equivalent, as long as there is no 'clash' with any existing domains meeting the criteria above.

How does the reservation period work?

If you have first right of refusal to a .UK equivalent of your current domain it will automatically be reserved for you for free for five years from the launch date, as long as you keep your current domain registered. If you decide you want to register your reserved .UK domain, you can at any point between the 10th June 2014 and 10th June 2019.

If you decide not to register the new .UK equivalent domain before the 10th June 2019, it will then become available for someone else to register. If at any time you decide not to renew your existing domain, the .UK equivalent will automatically become available for someone else to register.

Is my .UK registration guaranteed?

If you are eligible to register your desired .UK domain name, we are able to guarantee your registration.

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