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I have a WordPress site with 1000 visitors a month, what kind of hosting should I choose?

Modified Tuesday 22nd April, 2014 at 07:21

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Question: Hi, I currently have my account with Justhost, I have a few WordPress sites. One of my wordpress sites will be my main photography website, I have a seperate service for client image proofing and downloading, so my main wordpress site will be purely for portfolio viewing and services information. I have been a bit concerned of late of the speed of my justhost site at times. I tend to have about 1000 visitors a month, what kind of hosting should I be looking at? Cloud based? WordPress? cPanel? I'm pretty confused.

Answer: We would suggest a Cloud hosting account as that can handle many times that traffic without any hassle. It also includes free migrations so we can move your sites from your old host.

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