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Modified Wednesday 13th August, 2014 at 04:49

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If you want to change your IPSTAG away from us to another provider that's no problem. Of course we'd prefer you to stay, and do everything to offer you brilliant service at very low prices. However, we understand there are sometimes reasons you want to move -- for example if someone else has bought the domain or if one of your own customers demands it.

To change the IPSTAG on a domain you have with us you just need to open a support ticket at https://my.tsohost.com/. Our support team will then do it for you.

Please note that for security we will not do this over the phone. It needs to come as a support ticket opened in the client area. The change is also not reversible.

We do not charge for changing this as it is only a two second job for us. Please be aware that various competitors of ours do charge for the privliege of this. 

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