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Support - How we work and what we will do

Modified Tuesday 29th April, 2014 at 01:03

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How we work in Support

Our telephone support is available from 7AM to 12AM 7 days a week, and our ticketing/e-mail support is available 24/7.

We operate in shifts, so a specific support team member will not necessarily be available at a specific time, but we all can deal with most support queries. There is also an escalation path, if you do not feel we are dealing with your query adequately or if you want someone more expert to look at your problem. Each team has a Team Leader who also acts as a technical resource, and we also have the Sysops team and Technical Directors.

Emails sent to support@Tsohost.com will go into the ticketing system, and will be allocated a ticket reference, as will tickets logged through the Tsohost website. Please quote this if you are contacting us regarding this ticket (if you are replying to an email with the ticket reference you don't need to do this), so we can search for the ticket faster.

We can deal with simple queries on the phone, but complex issues, and any which require a change to your account or products should be done through a ticket, as it provides an written record of the request and the change.

We will probably ask you one or more security questions when you contact us: these are to ensure that we are dealing with the person listed on the account. If you are unable to provide the answer(s), we will not be able to make changes or tell you anything about the account. We can, of course, answer general queries anyway.

Tickets are dealt with oldest first, so on a busy day it may take longer than normal to get back to you. If you wish to chase a ticket, give us a call and quote the ticket reference. If it has not been assigned, the agent will take ownership of the ticket and/or pass it to the appropiate team to deal with. If you respond to a ticket multiple times without us replying, it will move to the back of the queue, so it is best to respond and them either wait for us to reply, or phone us up and chase it.

Some tasks, like server builds and migrations are normally dealt with by other teams. These do not have the same availability as the Support team, so if the request is made out of normal office hours, it may not be dealt with as fast as it would be during office hours (this especially applies to the Migrations team, who work office hours Monday-Friday). If the request is urgent, we will endevor to get it processed as quickly as we can.

What we do

Examples of what we can help with include the following:

- problems/issues with your hosting

- problems/issues with your domain

- domain transfers

- setting up cPanel migrations

- DNS problems/issues

- installing applications on your website

- custom PHP variables

- restore files and/or databases on your site

- our website builder

- installing SSLs

- email issues

- email client configuration

- internal cPanel to cPanel migrations

Examples of what we do on a 'best efforts' basis include the following:

- htaccess rewrite rules

- advice on using website applications

- troubleshooting website content issues

Things we don't do include:

- resolving SEO issues

- coding

- editing website content

- building websites

- internal migrations from/to the Cloud (but we can give advice on this and provide support when you do it)

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