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Do I need an SSL Certificate for my website?

Modified Friday 2nd January, 2015 at 05:12

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To run a successful business today, you absolutely must assure customers that their credit card details and personal information will be kept safe from interception. If your customers perceive that their sensitive data might be compromised online, they are unlikely to do their shopping on the Internet.

Installing an SSL certificate on your website protects information flowing to and from your site from cyber thieves intent on stealing personal data, e.g. names, passwords, addresses, credit card details.

We would recommend having an SSL certificate for your website if:

  • you accept credit card or other payments;
  • your website supports account login;
  • you operate an online store;
  • you offer online services;
  • any other private data is transmitted over the Internet.

If you are handling sensitive personal data online then you must also ensure that your website is operating under PCI compliance guidelines.

All of our web servers are fully PCI compliant.

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