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Editing files within FileZilla

Modified Monday 19th May, 2014 at 09:02

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In this tutorial we will show you how to edit text files from within FileZilla. My preferred text editor of choice for Windows is Notepad++ downloadable from here. If you use OSX/Linux I would recommend gedit.

Download and install Notepad++, then open up FileZilla and connect to your site.


Go to Edit -> Settings -> File Editing

Click "custom editer" and browse to the path of Notepad++


Under File type associations uncheck "Inherit system's filetype associations"


This will stop Filezilla trying to open regular notepad or your browser to view/edit files. Then click ok to save/exit the settings menu.

Navigate to the file you want to edit and then right click it and select view/edit.


Edit your file with Notepad++


Save the file and close the editor, you will be prompted by FileZilla that the file has changed.


Check "Finish editing and delete local file" and then click yes.

FileZilla will then upload the changed file to the server.

My holding page works!

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