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Software Installation in cPanel using Softaculous

Modified Tuesday 22nd April, 2014 at 10:27

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Step 1: Login & Navigate to Softaculous

Log into your cPanel account and go to the Softaculous Apps Installer tab.

Step 2: Find the application you want to install

Either hold the mouse over the list of applications until the application you want appears, or click on the category which the application is in (e.g. if you want to install WordPress, it will be in the Blogs category), and click on the application on the next screen.

Step 3: Complete Install

The Application screen will include the version available on Softaculous and the required space. It will also list any existing installations of that application. If this is OK, click Install and enter the requested details. If you want to install into the root of the site, you will want to install it into “/”. Otherwise, you may want to install it into a sub-directory (e.g /subdirectory/). When the installation is complete, the application should be available.

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