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Do I need to tell you if my server is down?

Modified Monday 28th April, 2014 at 03:06

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In the rare occurrence of a server outage, we're always very quick to act on any problems that may cause this. Our complex monitoring system makes us fully aware when a server does have issues, but please feel free to let us know if you think something may be overlooked, or if you would simply like a status update. It's often possible to mistake general website failures for server outages, as browser errors are often quite unspecific, that's fine - our support are always available to help if you're unsure if an error should be attributed to server issues or site configuration.

Our monitoring makes checks against services on the server, such as apache and mysql.  We don't monitor individual sites on the server, so if you notice any error on your site please let us know.

For updates on server issues, you may also check http://status.tsohost.com/.

We take server issues very seriously and always strive to provide a long term fix for any rare problems we have with service.

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