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What does ClientTransferProhibited mean?

Modified Tuesday 13th October, 2015 at 10:41

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ClientTransferProhibited is a status that is applied to domain names when they are locked for transfer.  This applies to all ICANN domain names.

If your domain name is showing this status it means the domain cannot be transferred.  You will need to unlock the domain name with the Domain Registrar in order to remove this status.

The ClientTransferProhibited status is used to prevent people from moving a domain away without the consent of the domains registrant.  This is what we use to protect your domain and ensure that noone will be able to move it away without your permission.  Similar to this status is the ClientUpdateProhibited status which prevents alterations being made to the domain.  These statuses are enabled by us for the first 60 days when you register a domain to protect your registration.

If you want to remove this status from any domain registered with us you can do so in your client area by:

  1. Log in to your account with us at https://my.tsohost.com/
  2. Go to My Domains and then selecting Manage beside the domain you want to unlock.  
  3. Select Unlock Domain under Domain Management.  After this your domain will be unlocked.

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