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Where can I find genuine reviews?

Modified Monday 28th April, 2014 at 06:16

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Our great reputation as a hosting provider is entire genuine; we have over 70,000 clients currently using our services and we receive great feedback about our services on a regular basis. You can find reviews of our services not only on our own site but throughout the internet. Just search google for Tsohost reviews!

We are often recommended by many of our clients as well as being mentioned in many forums and blogs about our quality of service and our renowned 24/7 365 support. We take great pride in the reputation that has been built for our company over the years and we are constantly growing.

We are currently based in Slough, UK and all of our servers are UK based also.

We often receive great feedback from our clients , you can view our client testimonials and reviews by clicking the link in our footer!

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