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How much network capacity do you have?

Modified Wednesday 10th December, 2014 at 06:41

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We currently run 2 multi-homed BGP networks over a two different data-centres which are both UK based and our network is managed entirely in house.

Within our data-centre we use use multi home fire optic gigabit connections, which means that we use multiple tier 1 transit providers and our own routers to ensure uptime and reliability, because we use multiple connections. If any of the connections are disrupted this will not affect any services or connectivity.

Our network can connect as fast as 1000mbit/second.

Our routing platform also consists of multiple devices and hardware provided by Juniper and Cisco.

Want to learn more about our network and connectivity? Take a walk through of the network infrastructure and hardware that keeps our hosting reliable and ensures continuity in the link below:



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