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I do not recognise a charge.

Modified Sunday 1st June, 2014 at 01:43

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If you do not recognise you charge and would like to find out if your invoice is accurate is best to check following section of your invoice.

1. To whom invoice is made to:

Please make sure that all information in section 'Invoice To:' is correct 

'Invoice To' location should display your Full Name, Full Home/Bussines Address and your VAT Number (if applicable)

2. Who is the issuer of invoice:

On our invoices we include our Full Company Name, Full Company Address, Business VAT Number, Email and Telephone Number

3.  In 'Description' section on our invoices are details regards your services amount which is required to be paid.

'Description' area will tell you exact name of the product which you are billed for with informations of the service length in following format (DD/MM/YYYY - DD/MM/YYYY)

If you think that you have been over charged or you do not recognise charges on your invoice it is really important to contact us via Email or Telephone.

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