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Transferring a .COM domain

Modified Monday 15th May, 2017 at 01:43

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In order to transfer your domain to us first you must complete these steps:

  • 1) Your domain must be UNLOCKED
  • 2) We recommend you have at least 10 days before expiration date of your domain
  • 3) Your domain privacy has to be disabled
  • 4) Make sure you have access to the administrative email of your domain
  • 5) Obtain an authorization code from the losing registrar.

Once you have completed all of the above steps you are ready to proceed with the domain transfer order through our website. You will receive confirmation email (on the administrative email of your domain) where you must enter the authorization code and confirm the transfer. Please note, there is a cost when transferring this domain extension. The fee is a requirement from the domain registry and this extends the renewal date of the domain once transferred by 1 year.

Once approved the transfer should complete within 6 - 9 days.

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