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Adding and removing pages from your Website Builder site

Modified Wednesday 9th March, 2016 at 10:46

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Click Sites and then the Add new page / folder button.

Choose a page type

There are 6 types of pages available:

  1. Default - this is a good page to use if you want to add most kinds of content to your site
  2. Clone - copies the currently selected page and all contents
  3. Home - A new page with the same layout as the current home page
  4. About - a two column page with room for text and image
  5. Contact - includes a contract form and, if you provided an address, a location map
  6. Gallery - includes a gallery widget that will show any collection of images you have uploaded

When you have selected a page, enter name in the Page title field (7) and click the Add page button (8)

Your new page will be added to the list of pages under the Sites tab, click on the page to open it.

Removing Pages

Select the page that you wish to remove under the Sites tab and click the Settings icon.

Scroll to the bottom of the page settings panel:


Click the Delete this page button (2). If the button is disabled, this is most likely because you are trying to delete the home page.

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