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Move to Tsohost

These Terms and Conditions are no longer in use and are only here for reference. All new and existing customers as of April 30th, 2018 are bound by tsoHost's new Terms & Conditions found here.

The following Terms and Condition apply to both paid and bundled migrations.

We require all data on the migration form displayed in the client area to be completed. Once this is done, a support ticket will be raised automatically and we will endeavour to respond to this within 1 working day with a suggested migration date/time.

You understand that we only officially move websites from web hosts where we have FTP access.

You understand that the migration service is the movement of your files and databases from your existing host to the Tsohost platform.

Sensitive data shared with Tsohost during the migration of your website will be held in compliance with all UK data protection legislation.

We are not responsible for any loss or damage whatsoever arising from a website migration.

Before requesting your migration, you agree to take a full backup of your website data and files.

You understand that we will not migrate email, domain registration or custom DNS records. We will migrate all databases we believe are necessary for the operation of your website.

We will not migrate an SSL certificate from your current provider. If you require an SSL certificate you will need to purchase one via Tsohost.

Once we have completed your migration you will check that you are happy with the content transferred before cancelling your hosting package with the provider you are moving from. We accept no responsibility for loss of data.

We will not debug technical issues with your website, scripts or databases, whether or not you believe these to have arisen due to the migration of your website.

Basic Migrations

We will endeavour to migrate your website within 3 working days but you accept this may not be possible during busy periods or due to unforeseen technical issues.

If your DNS is not hosted with us, it is your responsibility to update your DNS records.

eCommerce Migrations

We will use our best endeavours to migrate the website at the scheduled time however there may be some deviation due to unforeseen technical issues or human factors.

If your DNS is not hosted with us, it is your responsibility to update the DNS records for your website during the migration window.