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From £34.72/mo + 20% VAT

Managed Hardware Firewalls

Protect your websites, servers and critical business data from malicious activity.

Step Up My Security


Why use a Hardware Firewall?

Secure remote connections
Secure remote connections

Create a high grade encrypted Virtual Private Network so you and your team can remotely access your server.

Extra protection
Extra protection

Shield your server from common threats such as unauthorised or unwanted connections, DDoS attacks and more.

PCI DSS compliance
PCI DSS compliance

Meet the strict payment card industry data security standards (PCI DSS) with custom configured rules set for your environement.

Shared Firewall


+20% VAT

A shared solution providing additional protection against malware and other malicious threats.

Juniper SRX550Hardware

Fully ManagedSolution


≤ 1Gb/SecThroughput

Port BlockingEnabled


All prices exclude VAT at 20%


Custom configureddone

Our engineers will write custom inbound and outbound rules to ensure your Firewall meets your security requirements.

24x7 Uptime monitoringdone

Sophisticated uptime monitoring and instant fault response guarantees your server is always protected from potential threats.

Fully manageddone

We'll setup and maintain your Firewall settings, making updates as and when they are needed - all at no extra cost.

Ready to protect your Server?

For any additional questions or advice on solution suitability,
please get in touch with one of our experts.

Frequently asked questions

Can I use a Tsohost Hardware Firewall with a server elsewhere?

No. Our Hardware Firewalls can only be used with Dedicated Servers hosted on our platform.

Will I get access to data-logging?

No. Our Hardware Firewalls are fully managed so we monitor logs internally.

Will a Hardware Firewall improve my server's resiliency to a DDoS attack?

Yes. Whilst a Hardware Firewall will offer greater protection,any device only has a certain load-bearing capacity. The total load-bearing capability should always be a consideration when choosing a solution.

Can you provide high availability/fail-over?

Yes. We are able to tailor a firewall solution to suit your exact needs. Please get in touch with our support experts to discuss your requirements.

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